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Region 1 Meeting Heung Bae Kim, MD Regional Councillor.

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1 Region 1 Meeting Heung Bae Kim, MD Regional Councillor

2  Discuss regional business  Provide updates on OPTN/UNOS committee activities and projects  Discuss and comment on proposed policies and bylaws Purpose of Regional Meeting

3  Summary of spring 2014 regional meeting  Updated summary of fall 2013 regional meeting  Includes sponsoring committee’s response to regional comments  Board action on each proposal Regional Business

4  Tentative spring meeting date: March 2, 2015  New Policy Development Calendar  Allow for a 6 month period between Board meetings  Shorten public comment to 60 days (currently 90 days)  Spring 2015 public comment period/regional meeting cycle: late January - late March  Fall 2015: mid-August - mid-October Regional Business

5  What this means for members:  Timing of regional meeting cycles will change  Spring public comment proposals will be reviewed by the Board in June (versus November)  Fall public comment proposals will be reviewed by the Board in December (versus the following June) Regional Business

6  Nomination process is closed  Nominations reviewed by regional nominating committee  Regional recommendations considered by OPTN/UNOS President-Elect  Appointments in April for terms beginning July 1 OPTN/UNOS Committee Nominations

7  Fall meeting agenda  18 public comment proposals  10 committee updates, some requiring regional discussion  Utilize non-discussion agenda format  Divide agenda into two sections, discussion and non- discussion Regional Meeting Agenda

8  Discussion agenda format is the same as previous meetings  11 public comment proposals  Presentation  Discussion  Regional Vote Discussion Agenda

9  Includes proposals anticipated to have a lower impact on the community  Region was offered an opportunity to request that a proposal(s) be placed on the discussion agenda  Add any requests received  Proposals will be voted on today, but not presented or discussed  Proposals presented and discussed during national webinars Non-Discussion Agenda

10  Proposal to Convert KPD Contact Responsibilities and Donor Pre-Select Requirements from the OPTN/UNOS Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program Operational Guidelines into OPTN Policy (Kidney Committee)  Clarification of Multi-Organ Policies (Policy Oversight Committee)  Proposal to Automatically Transfer Pediatric Classification for Registered Liver Candidates Turning 18 (Pediatric Committee)  Proposal to Collect Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Data upon Waitlist Removal for Lung Candidates(Thoracic Transplantation Committee)  Proposal to Reduce the Reporting Requirements for the Deceased Donor Registration Form(OPO Committee) Non-Discussion Proposals: Vote You have the option to abstain from voting if you haven’t reviewed the proposals

11  Two webinars held to present and discuss 5 proposals on non-discussion agenda  Presentation located on Transplant Pro website: National Webinar

12  Two public comment proposals - presented during national webinars  First webinar held in October  2 nd webinar: November 6 th at 2:00pm Eastern Time Registration link: 165360897 165360897  Update on VCA Committee’s activities presented today VCA Webinars

13  Public comment booklets on each table  All attendees may discuss and provide feedback  Each OPTN/UNOS member institution has one voting representative  Sponsoring committee considers regional feedback in development of final proposal  Board receives all public comment  Your feedback is important! Public Comment Proposals

14  Contact Regional Representatives   Submit public comment online  OPTN website: comment/ comment/ Public Comment Opportunities

15  The presentations shared today are located online:  Navigate to: and find the link to your region listed in the 2014 fall meeting schedule  Make sure to review the presentations that weren’t presented today  Additional information available on this website including:  Meeting agenda and summaries  Data  Links to various OPTN resources Regional Meeting Materials – online!

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