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1 Pronouns

2 Pronouns A pronoun is a word that takes the place of one or more nouns.

3 Personal Pronouns Pronouns that are used to refer to people or things are called personal pronouns. Examples: he, she, it

4 Subject Pronouns A subject pronoun is used as the
subject of a sentence. The subject is WHO or WHAT the sentence is about. She is my sister. It is my hat. Does he have a dog. You and I go to the movie.

5 The teacher gave her a referral.
Object Pronouns An object pronoun is a personal pronoun in the objective case. It is used as the direct or inderect object of a verb. Object pronouns will never be the subject of the sentence. Give the pencil to me. The teacher gave her a referral. I will tell you a secret. Hannah read it to them.

6 List of Personal Pronouns
Singular Plural I we you you he, she, it they Subject Pronouns me us you you him, her, it them Object Pronouns

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