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Demat Account For more visit

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1 Demat Account
For more visit

2 For more visit
What is Demat Account? Demat account is like a bank account for holding securities just like funds . It is safe and convenient for trading for storing shares in electronic form. Today, practically 99.9% settlement (of shares) takes place on demat mode only. Thus, it is advisable to have a Beneficiary Owner (BO) account to trade at the exchanges. For more visit

3 Benefits of Demat Account..
There are a lot of benefits that a trader will have while opening a demat account and they are as follows:- In your demat account your dematerialized shares will be held in a secure electronic environment. The pace at which your shares and securities will be transferred is going to be faster and more convenient than the physical form. If you have a demat account then there are no charges on stamp duty while your securities are transferred For more visit

4 For more visit
Continue… There has been a significant reduction in paper work involved while opening a demat account. The best thing is that you can even buy or sell a single share when you have a demat account. In a dematerialized account the risks involving physical shares like loss of certificates in transit or fire is negated. For more visit

5 Is It Mandatory for trading?
Yes, Demat Account is mandatory for trading in Indian share market. The Securities and Exchanges Board of India made it compulsory for buying and selling of shares. Because of SEBI guidelines, all physical certificates must be converted into demat form by investor. For more visit

6 Demat Charges & Services
No Opening charges: You can open free demat account with us. Maintenance Charges: No maintenance charges in first year. Free Trading software. Trade in any number of lots or any order size just pay Rs. 5 per order. For more visit

7 For more visit
Open demat Account Want to Open demat account for investing money for long term and want to get profit from share market. Just fill the form on For more visit

8 For more visit
Thank You For more visit

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