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Project Implementation Plan and Principal Activities

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1 Project Implementation Plan and Principal Activities
Community Based Approach to Local Development Project: Project Implementation Plan and Principal Activities

2 Project Implementation Particularities
Project is implemented by: UN Development Programme on the basis of an Agreement with European Commission Project coordinator from Ukraine: Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Regional Policy, Urban Development and Housing and Public Utilities Organisation, information and monitoring support by: Department of Regional Policy of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Ministry for Housing and Public Utilities of Ukraine

3 Project Activities Coordination
The Coordination Centre in Kyiv, also oblast implementation units in all oblasts and the ARC National-level coordination within the framework of the Project Coordination Council and Regional Cooperation Governmental and Donor Coordination Group A4 Local-level coordination within the framework of cooperation agreements between the UNDP and local government bodies (OSA, RSA, local councils) Cooperation with international donor community to attract additional resources for co-financing of local initiatives and increase the number of communities involved in the Project

4 Project Implementation Phases-1
Informing national partners about Project inception, identification of national-level coordination mechanism Project launching conference Establishment of the Project Coordination Centre; Project office set up Establishment of oblast project implementation units/ community resource centres Training of Project personnel and national partners Development of national and local media strategies, promotion campaign

5 Project Implementation Phases -2
Establishment of cooperation with local government bodies, signing of partnership agreements Selection of target rayons (8 per Oblast on average) Selection of target communities (5 per rayon on average); Implementation of Rayon Local Development Forums (LDF) in 200 target rayons

6 Project Implementation Phases -3
Support of community self-organisation and social integration of participating communities through early information, general meetings and subsequent training and organisation measures Training of representatives of participating communities Preparation of participating community development plans Detailed technical development of selected priority community initiative projects Approval of priority projects, co-financing, selection of contractors

7 Project Implementation Phases - 4
Implementation of priority projects and joint monitoring Pre-commission transfer of completed facilities Evaluation/systemisation/discussion of acquired experience Dissemination of Project methodologies among other communities concerned Assistance to necessary reforms in the field of local self-governance and formation of a decentralised model of government

8 Basic Criteria for Selection of Rayons and Communities
High poverty level; need for improvement of local infrastructure and services Interest, organisation and technical support by local governments (tenders, assistance in pre-commissioning transfer of completed projects etc.) Guarantees of community initiative co-financing from the central and local budgets

9 Additional criteria for selection of pilot rayons/communities
Access to water supply (number of communities without access to water supply and/or quality of water supplied) Access to primary medical assistance services (number of communities without access to primary medical assistance services, current status of village first aid station network) Environmental situation in the rayon Rayon accessibility (number of children in need of bus transportation to schools) Oblast state bodies and the Project team may further suggest a maximum of three additional criteria

10 Location/Community Selection Procedure
Collection of information on locations and their development potential Location assessment as per jointly identified criteria Selection of locations by joint efforts with rayon governments based on the performed assessment

11 Project Implementation Plan for 2008
Project launching conference: beginning of December Establishment of project management team : Mid-November 2007 Establishment of the Project Coordination Council : Mid-November 2008 Establishment of oblast implementation teams : December-March 2008 Establishment of cooperation with local governments : January-April 2008 Selection of target rayons: January-May2008 Selection of target communities: February-July 2008 Start of work with communities: July-December 2008

12 Project Coordination Council
Coordination of Project implementation according to priorities of social and economic development of Ukraine Assistance to involvement and participation of national partners Ensuring proper awareness of regional and local governments Strategic advice on Project implementation Assistance to use of Project outputs for national strategy and policy development

13 Rayon Local Development Forum
Objective: To assure social, environmental and economic development by joint planning and decision making with participation of communities, and via more efficient allocation of financial resources To assist decentralised planning and democratic governance at the regional level

14 Rayon Local Development Forum
Forum tasks: Coordination of Project implementation at the rayon level; Presentation of plans and strategies of location and rayon development; Agreement on plans of community, location and rayon development plans; Identifying rayon development priorities; Discussion and elimination of issues arising in the process of Project implementation; Development of plans of technical and financial resource attraction for implementation of community initiatives

15 Rayon Local Development Forum
Tangible LDF membership: Head of rayon state administration Head of rayon council Head of village/town council of pilot communities Head of respective rayon administration units Oblast government official representatives Head of community organisations formed by IWG Incidental/other participants (to be invited on an as-necessary basis) Commercial banks representative Municipal utility company representatives Other organisations

16 Agreement between the PROJECT and community
Community Project Planning and Approval Procedure Project Project proposal evaluation commission Agreement between the PROJECT and community Approval Project proposal Rayon Rayon Forum Recommendation Village/town council Project implementation into the local development plan Project proposal Community Association Location community community community community

17 Points for Discussion in Workgroups
Agreements between the UNDP and local governments Mechanism and criteria of rayon/community selection Possible mechanisms for co-financing of community initiatives

18 Points for Discussion in Workgroups
Procedure of Project presentation at the rayon and oblast levels Terms and conditions of partnership by and between the UNDP and local governments within the framework of the Project -Criteria and procedure of selection of target rayons and communities - Project coordination at the oblast and rayon levels - Possible mechanisms of co-financing initiatives of participating communities

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