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Disability Management Definition: “…the process of preventing and managing absence from work. Operationally, it is an active process directed towards promoting.

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1 Disability Management Definition: “…the process of preventing and managing absence from work. Operationally, it is an active process directed towards promoting and supporting regular workplace attendance and minimizing the impact of impairment…”

2 Disability Management Key Elements: Management-Employee commitment & supportive policies Stakeholder education & involvement Coordinated approach to injury/illness management with a focus on early intervention Communication Strategy Graduated return to work program Measurement of outcomes, and Disability prevention, including workplace wellness, attendance support and occupational health and safety initiatives

3 Disability Management – Integrate Efforts Have joint Labour-Management committee act as a steering committee for the Disability Management program Use one central person (ie. Disability Management Coordinator) for daily functioning of the program Steering committee should have access to all resources (DMC, internal/external consultants, etc.) Conduct needs analysis to identify specific organizational needs

4 Disability Management – Integrate Efforts, cont’d… Review all disability policies and procedures in terms of their impact on your program Identify the specific steps to be taken in the return to work process Define the available return to work options to all stakeholders Develop a disability related database for all types of absences. Use this data with other H.R. & Group Benefit Plan info to assist in the interpretation of disability management issues

5 Disability Management – Centralize Responsibility DMC should be responsible for management of all employee disabilities, acting as the focal point for all contact Coordinate EAP, Occupational H & S program, Workplace wellness program, & H.R. efforts Advise firm’s Occupational H & S dept. of the cause and nature of all WSIB claims

6 Disability Management – Education & Training DMC should receive specialized training Generalized training required for all supervisors & H.R. staff Education also required for union and other staff leaders

7 Disability Management – Joint Labour-Management Commitment Encourage L-M involvement in disability management activities Encourage L-M participation in the steering committee Invite union/employee promotion & participation in graduated rtw activities

8 Disability Management – Data Management Collect all data in a form that can be compared to industry standards Collect data for all types of absences (both work & non-work related), including costs Monitor WSIB data, look for cost avoidance and containment strategies Use a system that links Disability Management outcomes with Occ. H & S programs, EAP, employee benefits, & workplace wellness programs

9 Disability Management – Data Management, cont’d… Seek opportunities to link employee absence data with H.R. info so that trends can be identified Use the firm’s communication systems to encourage the sharing of absence, disability & modified work data Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the reasons for, and costs of, medical absenteeism

10 Disability Management – Communication Strategy Develop a plan to promote awareness and overcome organizational barriers Keep all stakeholders informed and part of the decision making process Provide stakeholders with relevant outcome data (and the benefits of your efforts) Use the communication system to provide info to all stakeholders

11 Disability Management – Link to EAP Ensure that the program has a formal connection to the firm’s EAP program Ensure that the service provider(s) have a good understanding of the D.M. programs goals & objectives Promote a partnership that allows for multi- disciplinary interventions Examine the outcomes of joint files

12 Disability Management – Medical Consent Ensure that your consent form is signed by the worker/claimant before contacting the physician Ensure that all forms comply with relevant legislation, otherwise discontinue use Establish measures to protect confidentiality of personal health info

13 Policies & Procedures – Medical Data Develop a policy that deals with the confidential management of employee medical data Develop a protocol for the retention, maintenance, release and disposal of medical doc’s All medical doc’s should be stored in a secure manner, with access by authorized personnel & only on a need to know basis Retain all med info for a minimum of 7 yrs Limit the dissemination of medical diagnoses to broad categories

14 Disability Management – Graduated RTW Programs Develop & implement a hospital wide graduated return to work program, with labour & management’s support Communicate roles & responsibilities for all stakeholders and have them identify mod work options Manage safe & timely return to work activities that are meaningful and goal oriented Collect and manage outcome data and evaluate the program

15 Disability Management – Early Intervention Institute early contact with the ill or injured employee. Ideally, the supervisor should do this on the first day of absence. If required, implement early case management (within the first 3 to 5 days) Involve the EAP program in situations where appropriate

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