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RMS – a collaborative approach Presentation Lyn Dare & Stephen Larmour Authorisation & Audit Comcare.

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1 RMS – a collaborative approach Presentation Lyn Dare & Stephen Larmour Authorisation & Audit Comcare

2 Definition REHABILITATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The part of the overall management system which includes organisational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the Rehabilitation Policy

3 AS/NZS 4801: Elements of a Rehabilitation Management System

4 Supporting Documentation Audit tool –Outlines audit process –Scope –Criteria –File sampling methodology Audit workbook –Supports audit tool –Provides guidance for rating criteria

5 Audit Process Audit preparation –Employer completes audit workbook Conduct audit –Entry meeting –Review System documentation –Complete file sample –Conduct interviews with case managers Post audit activities –Employer develops corrective action plan

6 Element 1: Policy Commitment Senior management commitment Sets the tone for the whole system Developed in consultation with employees Reviewed periodically

7 Element 2: Planning Identifying risks and appropriate control structures Planning for legislative compliance Setting targets and objectives Developing plans to achieve objectives Delegation schedule

8 Element 3: Implementation Allocating appropriate resources Communicating roles and responsibilities to stakeholders Training and competency Legislative compliance »Early intervention »Rehabilitation assessments »Rehabilitation programs »Suitable employment »Privacy

9 Element 4: measurement & evaluation Monitoring objectives and targets Monitoring ARP performance Conducting an audit program Reporting to senior management

10 Element 5: Review & Improvement System reviewed regularly Opportunities to improve identified Continuous improvement realised

11 The benefits Elevates responsibility and accountability Systematic approach to managing the rehabilitation function Focuses on continuous improvement Experience of our Self Insured Licensee

12 Pilot Project Pilot project commenced March 2011: CSIRO, Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA), and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Expanding the audit program to federal employers

13 Audit approach Pre audit –Collaborative –Information sharing Conducting the audit –Workshop environment Post audit activities –development of Systems Improvement Plans (SIP)

14 Participant feedback Case Managers were comfortable with the process and the manner in which the findings were analysed and reported The audit findings provided an independent assessment which support their own assessment in relation to gaps in their system Provided an independent assessment of ‘best practice’ initiatives Opportunity to take a step back from day to day business and look at what systems exist

15 Participant feedback Did not feel prepared for the audit Senior leaders needed to be made aware of the purpose of the audit. Audit program should extended to cover a cross-section of the organisation’s RMS Support required in developing and implementing SIP

16 Audit findings

17 Change to audit methodology Engaged senior leaders prior to establishing an audit program Assisting Federal Employers establish RMS through a review or ‘gap analysis’ of exiting systems using an audit methodology Site reviews Reviewed audit tool and workbook to ensure that it is relevant to Federal Workplaces and easy to use

18 Change to audit methodology Provide greater assistance in preparing for the audit and presentation of material for assessment. Provide greater assistance in developing and implementing SIP. Establish 6 month follow up.

19 Contact details Audit and Authorisation Team Lyn Dare - Assistant Director Audit (03) 9429-4796 Stephen Larmour – A/Assistant Director Audit (03) 9914-6301

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