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Welcome to the Caretti Museum Enjoy our fascinating Artifacts.

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1 Welcome to the Caretti Museum Enjoy our fascinating Artifacts

2 My colorful toy cars have wheels and go fast. Javonte’

3 My Mickey Mouse drivers are made of rubber. Luke

4 I had Shaky Bear since I was a baby. It makes noise and is very colorful. Taylor C.

5 This special reindeer was given to us by my grandmother. We display it in our home every Christmas. Taylor F.

6 I took my soft pink blanket to Mexico. Megan

7 This blue and red airplane has a spinning propeller. My dad and I flew it together. George S

8 These are my dance shoes. I wore them when I was three in my first recital. Brooke

9 Care Bears were created in 1983. My mom had the same Care Bear. It is my favorite stuffed toy. Eva

10 These wooden Matuska Dolls were made in Russia. My mom’s friend gave them to me as a birthday present.

11 This vintage sugar shaker dates back to the 1960’s and was used by my great grandmother and then my mother.

12 This is a Millenium Falcon made from legos. My dad and I built it together. Logan

13 This is a crystal saguaro cactus. Saguaros grow in New Mexico. Sam

14 My two wheel bicycle is great for exercise. I ride it with my friends.

15 This painting of mom and dad was made during my art class. It makes me feel happy.

16 ` A makeup kit that I share with my sister. It was given to me by mom one Christmas. Marissa

17 Electronic games are great. I took them on a plane ride to Disney World. Alex G.

18 I sleep with this angel every night. Samantha

19 My wooden red guitar plays music. Braedon

20 Thanks for the visit!!!

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