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Shared October 13, 2010 Shelf Michael Roy, Dean of Library and Information Services, Middlebury College A Networked Image Platform Jeremy Stynes, Head.

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1 Shared October 13, 2010 Shelf Michael Roy, Dean of Library and Information Services, Middlebury College A Networked Image Platform Jeremy Stynes, Head of Media Design ARTstor ARTstor

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10 Page 10 Middlebury Goals Reduce number of systems to a more reasonable number Establish methods for exchange within campus, and collaborative platform across campuses Provide multiple interfaces to same data store for specific uses: curricular use, museum collections, research

11 ARTstor’s Mission Page 11 ARTstor is a nonprofit initiative, founded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Mission to use digital technology to enhance scholarship, teaching, and learning in the arts and associated fields and contribute to the work of the arts and educational community. ARTstor's primary goals as an organization are: To assemble image collections from across many time periods and cultures that will, in the aggregate, have sufficient depth, breadth, and coherence to support a wide range of educational and scholarly activities; To create an organized, central, and reliable digital resource that supports noncommercial use of images for research, teaching and learning; and To work with the arts and educational communities to develop collective solutions to the complex challenges that are an inescapable part of working in a changing digital environment.

12 ARTstor History ‘03 Page 12 ‘04‘05‘06‘07‘08‘09‘10‘11 Institutional Collection Pilot Program (Hosting) June 2004 New Public Site September 2007 Public Site Fall 2002 OIV August 2004 ARTstor Digital Library April 2004 Personal Collections Fall 2005 Metasearch/ XML Gateway January 2006 Images for Academic Publishing March 2007 Larger Image Download January 2008 ARTstor Digital Library 3.0 August 2008 Batch Download to PPT Fall 2009 Associated Images January 2009 Shared Shelf v. 01 (Beta) July 2010

13 Systems/tools used for cataloging digital collections Page 13 Results gathered from existing and prospective hosted partners’ survey January 2008. 7%

14 Shared Shelf partners Lead partners Partners Page 14

15 Publish to the Web & Export Tools Page 15 Cataloging Tools Vocabulary Warehouse Digital Asset Management Shared Shelf components

16 Cataloging online Simple and complex cataloging supported Image record Complex authority records (Works, Names, and geographic terms) Ability to add custom fields and controlled lists Cataloging efficiencies Customizable cataloging templates Bulk editing Copy/paste functionality on record and field levels Duplicating records Community-built shared authorities fully integrated Page 16

17 Page 17 Access and contribute to shared Integrates community-built and local authorities directly in the Shared Shelf interface Leverage more than ten years of authority work championed by the Getty Research Institute ULAN TM TGN TM CONA TM (in development) Enables Shared Shelf community to draw upon shared terms and submit new “candidate” terms Create new authorities, such as the Built Work Registry (awarded IMLS grant 2010) Facilitates faster, more consistent cataloging by drawing on an aggregated pool of shared authorities vocabularies

18 Page 18 Manage digital assets Support for multi-media resources: Still images Future: panoramas (qtvr), audio (mp3), video files Ability to upload and remotely store source files (cloud-based storage) Secure storage of source files Upload via the Internet or possible use of a client-based uploading application Auto-ingest of embedded data (select IPTC, XMP, EXIF fields)

19 Page 19 Publish & export Publish Hosted collection Institutional access Multi-institutional access Contributed collection in ARTstor Digital Library (by nomination) ARTstor subscriber access Stand-alone website Public access Export Export images and data in a standard format for ingestion into: Google Images and Flickr Local discovery systems Interoperate Open API OAI harvesting / ORE (researching options)

20 Your content, Shared Shelf infrastructure Page 20 Stand-alone collection website Mixing local & ARTstor content Cataloging environment Shared vocabularies Cloud Computing Institutional repository Flickr Google Images Asset management

21 Open Web access 1,300+ ARTstor subscribers worldwide Your institution & designated others Page 21 Options for the release of content Your institution Publically Accessible Websites Contributed collection Shared hosted collections Hosted collection

22 Page 22 Shared Shelf Beta 0.1

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25 Screenshots start here… Page 25

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27 Non-art collections Multiple schemas map easily to SS display record Partners Subcommittee Group is charged with identifying other fields of study and schema to focus on first New metadata models can be created in Shared Shelf: –DARWIN Core (Biodiversity informatics data standard about organisms) –AVM (Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard) Page 27

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29 Shared Shelf progress Page 29 Beta 0.1 Digital asset management Legacy hosted collection migration Cataloging environment Shared vocabularies Authentication and authorization Technical infrastructure Administration and self-service features

30 Development methodology Page 30 IterativeWaterfall PlanBuildTestReviewDeploy Build Deploy cycle Test Plan Review

31 Shared Shelf timeline 20102011 Summer 2010 Version 0.1 (Simple cataloging beta) Winter 2011 Version 0.2 (Simple cataloging release) Winter 2011 Version 0.3 (Complex cataloging beta) Summer 2011 Version 0.4 (Complex cataloging release) Page 31

32 Stay informed Page 32 Visit us online: Email us:

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