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American Aloe Vera Gel By Almasir.

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1 American Aloe Vera Gel By Almasir

2 Extracted From Freshly Harvested Mature leaves
Produced from fresh and matured Aloe Vera leaves Obtained from most nutritionally rich Aloe vera species, Aloe barbadensis miller Aloe vera is grown under strict supervision of eminent scientists without the use of any pesticides or insecticides to deliver highest quality product

3 Highest Quality Product
Each batch has been manufactured & packed under extreme hygienic conditions & under the strict vigilance of quality department Whole process goes through proper testing at every state right from the procurement of raw material to finished product to meet highest standard of quality & purity

4 Highest Quality Product
Each batch of Almasir American Aloe Vera Gel is produced under international GMP regulations, have got internationally acclaimed HALAL and KOSHER Certification

5 American Aloe vera Gel Obtained from whole leaf parenchyma of the Aloe
Barbadensis leaf Contains plenty of pulp from inner parenchyma of Aloe leaves for added benefits

6 What makes it so effective
Highly nutritious & fibrous Loaded with so many health enhancing nutrients Contains more than 200 components Contains 20 minerals 12 vitamins 8 required amino acids 14 secondary amino acids Important enzymes

7 Antioxidant Protection
Aloe vera is loaded with potent antioxidants can help fight serious diseases

8 Anti-Inflammatory Property
Chronic inflammation is among the leading drivers of many diseases includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer’s & arthritis Anti inflammatory agents present in Aloe Vera can reduce inflammatory markers & reduces inflammation & Pain

9 Health benefits Improve blood circulation
Known to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon Loaded with plenty of fibers, promote digestive health Aid in the healing of ulcers and help the digestive tract to work smoothly

10 Health benefits Help to dilate the capillaries and aid in cell growth
Boost immune system functioning Act as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent, preventing illness Help in general fatigue and weakness Enhance energy and performance Help to Heal from the inside

11 Health benefits Help in urinary tract infection
Beneficial in kidney stones, gall bladder stones Helping in painful menstruation Reduce bad cholesterol level (LDL) Prevent from cancer & stunt existing tumors from propagating

12 Health benefits Improve sleep, relieve stress
Beautify skin, lower wrinkles and fine lines Support normal blood glucose Support bone health

13 usage Instructions Take 5ml twice daily in 150ml water for first three days, then second 3 days advised to take 10ml twice daily & seventh day onwards 15-30ml twice daily, half an hour before or two hours after meals. Drink plenty of water throughout the day Wait at least half an hour before drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, soda or eating anything (Alcohol, caffeine and food cancel out the effectiveness of this wonderful product) For better results use for 6-12 months Suitable for every age group.

14 Note: This is not intended to treat, prevent & cure any diseases
Note: This is not intended to treat, prevent & cure any diseases. Please consult your health professional.

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