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Level 2 IT Users Qualification – Unit 1 Improving Productivity Name.

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1 Level 2 IT Users Qualification – Unit 1 Improving Productivity Name

2 How to complete this presentation Each heading is a question which you need to answer in full sentences. There is guidance on how to answer each question in the notes section. You need to include as much detail as possible.

3 I can describe the purpose of using IT in my work Using I.T. is very easy way to safe our revision materials, for example. I used I.T. which I made presentation for my science work and I can use that every time. By using ICT systems we are: more productive - we can complete a greater number of tasks in the same time at reduced cost by using computers than we could prior to their invention able to deal with vast amounts of information and process it quickly able to transmit and receive information rapidly

4 I can describe the methods, skills and resources needed to complete my tasks successfully when I was making my presentation I had to select the right equipment to make a good presentation.E.g. I had to chose the right information and photos if needed for each slide. I had to check my spelling and grammar for my letter and newsletter because spelling and grammar is very important Also For a 4 page newsletter, add 3 pages before you take any other steps. This is also probably a good time to save your document -- which is completely blank -- with an appropriate file name. To add more content to any of the pages (e.g, "text and a photo"), place text and/or graphics frames where you want them on pages 1 to 4 (not on the master pages )

5 I can describe factors that might affect the task Some factors include access to computer might effect which I had access to school computers and network so all my files and work were saved to the school network which is password protected so I know everything is safe Another factor was the time scale that I had to complete the task, the business card needed to ready before may. I would also need to think about using copyrighted material which is against the law, The equipment I used would have been expensive but school already had everything I needed.

6 I can describe how the purpose and outcomes have been met by the chosen IT systems and tools For my unit 10 presentation I used PowerPoint. It supports my project outcome because I could use transitions which make it look more attractive for other people when they are reading and helps me to keep the audience’s attention I was able to add images to the presentation which made it more interesting particularly because it is aimed at a teenage audience it is important to be visually appealing. I could easily use different text and fonts to make my presentation stand out, this keeps the audience interested right to the end of the PowerPoint as well as attracting their attention to the information. I also tried to use as many bold colours as possible to make it eye catching

7 I can describe any legal or local guidelines or constraints that apply to the task or activity Copyright gives the creators of some types of media rights to control how they're used and distributed. Music, books, video and software can all be covered by copyright law. An agreement between the company that developed the software and the user must be agreed before the software is installed. This is called the license agreement and covers copyright Also To be able to use the school network, computers and software I had to sign an acceptable use policy.

8 I can describe whether the IT tools selected were appropriate for the task and purpose For my unit 10 presentation I used Microsoft power point it was appropriate for my task because on Microsoft power point there are more tools to use. I have used the software before so it saved time because I didn’t need to learn to use it. The Microsoft power point software has everything I needed to make my presentation The software gave me the option to add photos and videos.

9 I can assess the strengths and weaknesses in my final work When I finished my presentation I reviewed my work to correct any mistakes and checked to see if I could improve my PowerPoint in any way. I then asked other people to peer assess my work and give me feedback and improvement ideas I could use the information about my weaknesses to make sure I could

10 I can describe ways to make further improvements to my work To improve I would check my spelling and I can ask someone else to see if they can check for mistakes and what can I do better on my work, also I would use spell corrector to correct my spelling mistakes. Learning how to use different software and equipment teaches you how to complete tasks more easily and you can complete more tasks.

11 I can review the benefits and drawbacks of IT tools and systems used in terms of productivity and efficiency Emails are delivered extremely fast when compared to traditional post. Emails can be sent 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Webmail means emails can be sent and received from any computer, anywhere in the world, that has an Internet connection. Cheap - when using broadband, each email sent is effectively free. Dial-up users are charged at local call rates but it only takes a few seconds (for conventional email, eg text only) to send an email. Emails can be sent to one person or several people

12 I can describe ways to improve productivity and efficiency Productivity can be improved through training, investment in equipment and better management of staff. Training and investment cost money in the short term, but can raise long-term productivity. Efficiency is about making the best possible use of resources. Efficient firms maximise outputs from given inputs, and so minimise their costs. By improving efficiency a business can reduce its costs and improve its competitiveness

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