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Alleghany County Public Schools Community Survey

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1 Alleghany County Public Schools Community Survey
Overview of Methodology and Findings Conducted by: The Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research

2 Methodology Survey Instrument Random Sampling Design
Dates of Administration: 12/1/05 through 1/6/06 Survey Pre-test Survey Administration Via Telephone 738 Completed Interviews Sampling Error: ± 3.58 Percent Survey Length: Minute Average

3 Respondent Demographic Profile
Years Lived in Alleghany County Attended Alleghany Schools Children Attending Alleghany Schools Age Race Highest Level of Formal Education Income

4 Respondent Grading of Schools in Alleghany County and in the U.S.

5 Citizen Opinions Regarding Selected Alleghany County Schools Funding Issues

6 Perceptions of Alleghany County Schools’ Civic Impact

7 Citizen Ratings of Alleghany County Public Schools

8 Citizen Ratings of Alleghany Schools’ Efforts to Educate Students

9 Responses Related to Alleghany County Schools’ Communication
71 percent of citizens rate the effectiveness of Alleghany County Schools at communicating with the community favorably (responses of ‘excellent’ and ‘good’) 81 percent of parents with children in Alleghany County Schools currently rate the communication from the schools with parents favorably (responses of ‘excellent’ and ‘good’) Sources of information about schools cited by parents: written communication from schools (53%), teachers (51%), children (48%), local news media (28%), friends/family/neighbors (26%), ‘other’ sources (18%), web site (3%)

10 Selected Responses From Parents of Children Currently Attending Alleghany Schools
86% of parents rate the academic programs provided to their children by Alleghany Schools favorably (responses of ‘excellent’ and ‘good’) 76% of parents rate the delivery of extra-curricular programs (such as sports, music programs, and clubs) favorably (responses of ‘excellent’ and ‘good’) 72% of parents say they feel ‘very welcome’ at their children’s school, with 25% saying they feel ‘somewhat welcome’ 50% of parents report that they volunteer in some capacity with the schools in Alleghany County

11 Citizen Opinions Regarding Importance of Alleghany County Investing in Building New High School Facilities

12 Selected Responses Regarding Possible Alternatives For Improving Alleghany County High School Facilities 53% of respondents selected ‘new construction’ as the most appropriate alternative for Alleghany High School 21% of respondents selected ‘another alternative’ for Alleghany High School (many respondents cited consolidation as the other alternative) 17% of respondents selected ‘renovation’ as the appropriate alternative for Alleghany High School Among respondents who selected improvements/new construction as appropriate alternatives for Alleghany High School, 80% agreed (‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’) with the statement “the community should be willing to sacrifice or compromise on other programs and services to accomplish this task” 3% of respondents said that nothing should be done and that Alleghany High School should remain as it is

13 Citizen Opinions Regarding the Consolidation of Alleghany County and Covington Schools

14 Citizen Opinions Regarding the Future of Alleghany County Schools
Citizen Opinions on Important Issues Facing Alleghany Schools in Next Few Years Citizen Suggestions for Future Improvements for Alleghany County Schools Respondent Agreement With the Statement “The schools in Alleghany County are proceeding in the right direction”

15 Final Comments and Questions

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