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Las Posadas Hanukah KwanzaaChinese New Year.  Is widely celebrated by many non- Christians.

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1 Las Posadas Hanukah KwanzaaChinese New Year


3  Is widely celebrated by many non- Christians

4  It is a celebration of the Nativity.  This feast was created by the pope to promote Christianity and remove pagan festivals celebrated at the winter solstice.

5  Lodgings start from the 16th of December until the night of the 24th

6  December 16th: Beginning of Las Posadas, which lasts nine days, ending on the 24th  December 24th: Christmas Eve  December 25th: Christmas Day  December 28th: Day of the Innocents

7  Hispanic Christmas decorations include ornaments that are widely recognized for their beautifully handcrafted style, some made of glass, straw, pottery, and even coal.

8  bacalao a la vizcaina ( salted cod that has been dried, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, olives, capers and bright red bell peppers)  dried shrimp and potatoes, romeritos


10  Segovia  Castile  Leon  Spain


12  Anywhere there is jews.

13  Jews celebrate Hanukkah

14  The Festival of Lights.  The rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt

15  It starts on the 25 th day of Kislev and is 8 days long.

16  Miracle of the Oil  Judah Ha Maccabee  Hannah and her seven sons

17  A menora with its 9 arms  a 4 sided top (dreidel)

18  Sweet Potato Latkes.  Cheese Latkes Judith.  Schamltz ( Rendering Chicken)  Crepes  Fresh Apple Sauce  Roesti Potato Pancakes  Pommes Duchesse  Baked Apples  Holiday Eggnog

19  The Torah prohibits wearing made out of wool.  Robes


21  Africa  United States

22  African-American

23  It is a week-long celebration held in the United States honoring African heritage and culture, marked by participants lighting a Kinara

24  Kwanzaa always begins on December 26 and ends on January 1.

25  Ingathering:  Reverence:  Commemoration:  Recommitment:.  Celebration:

26  Decorating your home for the Kwanzaa holiday, remember the traditional colors of red, green and black.  Decorate your Kwanzaa bush with red, green and black ornaments

27  Roast foods.  Sweet Potato Pie  Grandmother's Southern Fried Okra  African Vegetarian Stew  African Squash And Yams (futari)

28  These ethnic styles are a very versatile and dynamic way to tell others who they are and what they are about.  Clothing has a rich diverse history.

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