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Institutional Collaborations to Support College Completion.

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1 Institutional Collaborations to Support College Completion

2 Founded in 1912 in Nashville, TN Historically Black College/University (HBCU) 1890 Land Grant University Enrollment: 8816 Undergraduate: 6749 Graduate: 2067 African-American: 5995 Non-African-American: 2821 In-State: 6813 Out-of-State: 2003

3 Complete College America Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010 Elimination of remedial/developmental education at Universities Outcomes-Based Formula Funding Articulation and Transfer (TBR and UT) Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Completion Agenda Progression Benchmarks: 24, 48, 72 credit hours Graduation Rates

4 TBR Non A2S StudentsPELL PELL and URM Non A2S Students PELL PELL and URMURM TSU Adapted from Middlebrooks, C.; Completion Planning PowerPoint – TBR


6 Creation of Division of Enrollment Management and Student Support Services University-Wide Retention Committee Title III Grants – SAFRA Renovation and Reorganization of the Student Success Center

7 Advisement Center Counseling Center First Year Students Math Center Media Center Reading Center Tiger Alert Tiger Tutoring University Honor’s Program Writing Center

8 Vision: The Office of Academic Success will provide services and resources for the University community to assist students with academic success strategies and tools while providing a high level of customer service.  Advisement Center  Tiger Tutoring  Early Alert

9 Serves all students under 60 credit hours Registration Hold to Ensure Advisement Coordinates Transfer Advisement and Dual Advisement Develops and Hosts Academic Success Workshops

10 Early Alert System Focus on first-time freshmen, learning support, and probation students Advisement Center advisors provide initial intervention Escalation to First-Year Retention

11 Focus on General Education Courses and Tutoring Staffed with faculty tutors Hours: 4:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Saturdays

12 Mission: To facilitate the transition of new students into the university and to acclimate new students to the campus community by preparing them for opportunities that promote student learning and development.  New Student Orientation  Faculty and Peer Mentoring  Freshmen Year Experience Programming  Parent Relations

13 Required for First-Time Freshmen Established Learning Outcomes One-Day Sessions New Presentations Offered: Academic Success Student Life Residence Life Student Conduct Diagnostic Testing Changes Required College Student Inventory (CSI) Enhanced Advisement and Registration

14 Learning Outcomes Attendance/Participation Performance Outcome

15 Orientation DateNumber % of Attendants June 5, 2013 – Total Attendance91 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA2426% June 12, 2013 – Total Attendance76 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA2026% June 19, 2013 – Total Attendance118 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA2420% June 19, 2013 – Total Attendance78 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA2431% Orientation Date Number % of Attendants June 26, 2013 – Total Attendance144 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA3524% July 10, 2013 – Total Attendance153 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA4831% July 17, 2013 – Total Attendance200 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA7839% August 22, 2013– Total Attendance295 Receiving less than 2.0 Fall GPA13144%

16 Learning Outcomes Attendance/Participation Performance Outcome


18 Learning Outcomes Attendance/Participation Performance Outcome

19 Learning Outcomes Attendance/Participation Performance Outcome

20 Learning Outcomes Attendance/Participation Performance Outcome No.QuestionYesNo 7During New Student Orientation, I met with an academic advisor to develop my course schedule. 93%7% 8During New Student Orientation, I registered for my courses. 95%5%

21 Partners Faculty Mentors with First- Time Freshmen TBR Access and Diversity Grant Goals To retain 75% of participants To promote college completion by ensuring that 80% of participants complete >24 credit hours and attain a 2.0 Cumulative GPA

22 2012 – 2013 Results: 70% fall-to-fall retention 77% earned a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or better in the first year of college 63% earned 24 credit hours or more in the first year of college

23 Improvements for 2013 - 2014: Work with academic advisors to enroll students in 15 credit hours per semester Request early alert data on mentees throughout the semester Monitor mentees’ mid-term grades Referrals by faculty mentors to academic support services such as tutoring and math, reading, and writing labs Utilize the College Student Inventory to address challenges or weaknesses identified by the student

24 Part of New Student Orientation Integrated into Academic Advisement Financial Aid and Scholarship Requirements Reduce Debt Accelerate Graduation Launch Their Careers Early Promotes Degree Completion

25 Random Sample of Freshmen enrolled in UNIV 1000 SemesterMean Credit Hours Earned Fall 201311.03 Fall 20129.59 Fall 20118.84

26 Personalized Snapshot Identifies Preparedness, Concerns, and Expectations Identifies Appropriate Resources

27 Fall 2012: 676 Completed Surveys Fall 2013: - 982 Completed Surveys - 670 Student Plans Were Developed with Advisors High Dropout Proneness: - Over 50% of Students are Identified as High Dropout Prone

28 Required 1 Credit Hour Course Taught by Select Faculty and Staff Coordinated through Academic Affairs Steering Committee is comprised of Senior Level Administrators, Faculty, and Staff Common Learning Outcomes CSI and Advisement Modules Integrated in Curriculum All Students are Monitored through TigerAlert

29 UNIV 1000 Results – Fall 2013: 1237 Students Enrolled in the Course 51 Sections Offered Average Enrollment per Section: 25 Students 6876.5 Total Hours of Service 5.56 Average Service Hours per Student

30 New Student Orientation Prerequisites – Financial Literacy and CSI Completion Smaller Ratio of Staff to Student Tiger Mentoring Expand Number of Mentors to Increase STEM Faculty Allow Students to Provide Input on the Selection of Mentor Take 15 Expanding the Education of the Importance of the Initiative to Parents Promoting Mini-Semesters and Summer School

31 Freshmen Seminar – UNIV 1000 Integration of Peer Leaders into the UNIV 1000 Team Training Peer Leaders to Assist With and Follow-Up with CSI Goals Utilizing Mid-Year Student Assessment (MYSA) as a Post-Assessment Tool Exploring the Feasibility of a Second Semester Seminar Focusing on Career Exploration and Major Closure

32 Tiffany Bellafant Steward 615-963-5173 Julie Roberts 615-963-5968

33 1.To use Grupio App: a.Click on Schedule b.Find session c.Click on (Name of Session) Survey d.Complete Survey 2.To use URL: 3.If no mobile device or prefer to wait, fill out conference evaluation which will arrive in your email inbox by Tuesday! Please evaluate the session! Takes less than two minutes to do three question evaluation!

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