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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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1 Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
A Tragic Pattern From page 732

2 Act I Exposition – Establishes a setting, introduces some of the main characters, explains the background, and introduces the characters main conflicts. Don’t forget the Prologue (p735) – It sets the stage and gives us background information.

3 Act II Rising Action - These are problems of the characters or challenges they face. Romeo and Juliet fall in love and begin making plans to marry. Friar Lawrence makes plans to bring peace to the families by marrying Romeo and Juliet

4 Act III Crisis or turning Point – moment when a choice made by one of the characters determines the outcome. Mercutio dies Romeo kills Tybalt Romeo is banished Juliet’s dad promises her to Paris

5 Act IV Falling Action – Events that result from an action locking the characters deeper and deeper into disaster. (could consider – Juliet’s dad promising her to Paris) Romeo and Juliet commit suicide Parents realize what their hate has caused.

6 Act V Climax and resoloution – end of the play (usually with the death of the main characters) Death of Romeo and Juliet Resoloution – Parents make amends with one another and build golden statues in honor of each others children.

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