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1 ACS 101 An Introduction to the N.Y.C. Administration For Children’s Services.

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1 1 ACS 101 An Introduction to the N.Y.C. Administration For Children’s Services

2 2 Two Rumors: ACS has CPS Workers Riding Around in Cars Waiting For Child Abuse Calls Every Time Someone Makes A Report of Child Abuse – A Child Goes Into Foster Care

3 3 Important Phone Numbers SCR Hotline – Mandated - 1-800-635-1522 Non-Mandated - 1-800-342-3720

4 4 Administration for Children’s Services History The Agency Was Created on January 10, 1996 The Mission: Ensure The Safety and Well-being of New York City’s Children

5 Divisions of ACS Child Protection Family Support Services Family Permanency Child Care and Head Start General Counsel 5

6 Divisions of ACS continued Family Court Legal Services Policy and Planning Financial Services Administration Youth and Family Justice 6

7 7 Child Protection CPS – Child Protection Specialists 17 Offices Throughout The City ECS – Emergency Children’s Services One Office Covers the Entire City 4pm – 8am – Monday – Friday All Day Saturday and Sunday All Major Holidays

8 8 ACS History 2005 – Investigated 52,000 Reports of Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect 2006 – Investigated 68,000 Reports of Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect 2010 – Investigated 65,000 Reports of Alleged Child Abuse and Neglect

9 9 Overview of Child Abuse Reporting Where Do You Make The Report? SCR Hotline 1-800-635-1522/800-342-7320 Run by OCFS – Not ACS When Should The Report Be Made? Who Can Make A Report? Mandated Reporter Non – Mandated Reporter

10 10 Overview of Child Abuse Reporting What Do You Need To Make A Report? Perpetrator Victim An Allegation of Child Abuse/Neglect

11 11 The Life of A CPS Case

12 12 Computer Access and Agency Collaboration Welfare Medicaid SSI Food Stamps Department of Education Department of Homeless Services ACS State CPS NYPD DIR Database

13 Law Enforcement Coordination The Instant Response Program Established 1998 The Investigative Consultant Program Established 2006 Access to Law Enforcement Databases Domestic Incident Reports NYPD Photo Manger eJusticeNY Office of Court Administration 13

14 14 Investigative Activities: Pre-Investigation Conference with Supervisor and Review Prior History Contact Source of Report Home Visits Interviews with Children, Parents/Caretakers, Alleged Subjects of Report and Household Members, Collateral Contacts i.e. School and Medical Provider, NYPD Field Office Process Intake Clearance Process Assign CPS Worker for Investigation and Assessment 24/48 Hour Contact 7 Day Safety Assessment 40 Day Risk Assessment Profile 53 Day Safety Assessment

15 15 60 Day Determination of Allegations Determination Unfounded No Risk Case Closed Low Risk Service Needs Preventive Services Indicated No Risk or Low Risk Needs Case Closed Low Risk Service Needs Preventive Services Risk Court Mandated Services Immediate Danger Foster Care Placement

16 16 Powers of Removal Family Court Act Section 1024 and Social Service Law 417 Give ACS the Same Powers of Removal as Police Officers FCA 1024- Provides Immunity for Police and ACS as Long as The Removal Was Made in Good Faith

17 17 Prevention Vs. Placement As of September 2011- Current Foster Care Population – approximately 14,168 children Current Preventive Population - approximately 23,306 children

18 Overview of Preventive Services 65 not for profit agencies, consisting of approximately 200 programs across the city. Are community based services for at risk families, and serve specific Community District's (C D)

19 Preventive Services Continued Prevent Child abuse and neglect Reduce the need for foster care placements Serve children and families within their community Promoting the health, safety and well- being of children To strengthen and support families

20 Family Preservation Program (FPP) FPP provides intensive, at-home crisis intervention and family preservation services through trained caseworkers that work with only two families at a time. This program is for high-risk families who are part of a child protection case.

21 Preventive Services (PPRS) Preventive services are designed to ensure that children remain safe in the home and to prevent children from entering foster care. ACS provides preventive services as a result of a child protective investigation or at the request of the family. Preventive services are provided directly by ACS and through a network of community-based organizations (CBO’s). ACS contracts with over 200 preventive services programs. Many organizations offer these services directly to families upon request. Services are free. Families must have a child under 18 or be expecting a child.

22 Community Partnerships To Strengthen Families ACS believes that safety and permanency for children and families is best achieved though a Neighborhood-Based Services approach that seeks to provide every child a family with culturally, linguistically, and need-driven services within their own communities.

23 Community Partnerships To Strengthen Families The Neighborhood Based Services model of service delivery is based on the best practice principle that the more quality preventive services are available at the community level, the more likely a family can access services and avoid out-of-home care. Also, if out of home care is required, a child placed in his/her community will be more likely to maintain close and regular family contact to ensure a timely and safe return home. ACS believes that strong communities promote safe and healthy children and families.

24 Preliminary screening which offers assistance and information to families seeking to file for Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) petition. The goal is to help families remain together and work toward resolving their problems and concerns. This initiative was created in response to the rise in age of children eligible for a PINS from 16 to 18. – Experienced social workers, specially trained to work with families and teens – Offer immediate intervention to de-escalate situation and offer negotiation skills Offer appropriate referrals for community-based services that work with youth and their families Reduce the number of children inappropriately involved with court proceedings and placed into foster care Family Assistance Program (FAP)

25 Head Start Head Start offers educational programs for children age 3 to 5 and a wide variety of opportunities and support services for their families. Some of the services include: Early childhood education Early child development services Social Services and Family Development Health Nutrition and Mental Health ACS Sponsors more than 250 Head Start Centers 25

26 TASA - 212-676-6001 Assists Pregnant or Parenting Adolescents who are receiving public assistance and Medicaid or Medicaid only. Staff help parents under the age of 22 to manage their new concerns, take control of their lives and provide a future for themselves and their children. 26

27 TASA Continued TASA Helps with: Food Stamps and WIC Health Services for the Whole Family Family Planning Parenting Skills Training Education Job Skills Training 27

28 28 Safety First Mandated reporters who are concerned about the progress of a child protective investigation or have an ongoing safety concern related to a case that they called into the State Central Register, can contact: The Office of Safety First either by dialing 718-KID-SAFE (718-543-7233) or by email at Safety Liaisons are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

29 29 Question?? In New York State – How Old Does Your Child Have To Be Before You Can Leave Them Alone?

30 30 Answer: There Is No Legal Age

31 31 Contact Information Peter Alexander, ACS Criminal Justice Coordinator Phone: 212-341-2683 Fax: 212-513-0834 Email:

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