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A new approach to Apprenticeships Crown Plaza Reading 26 th March Kate Reed.

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1 A new approach to Apprenticeships Crown Plaza Reading 26 th March Kate Reed

2 Introductions Teacher/ trainer/ employment support specifically for young people Development of training and apprenticeships in the voluntary/ social enterprise sector with employers Apprentice employer UKCES funded programme supporting apprenticeship growth with SME’s UK Apprenticeship Agency Watersports Apprentice: Sarah Wardle Img. courtesy of Simon Burt

3 This Session Think about the true value of Apprenticeships Identify the practical challenges and obstacles faced by organisations in the Sector Consider the different models available to recruiting and employing Apprentices Review some of the support available for employing an Apprentice Evaluate whether you can begin to recruit Apprentices / Grow your Apprenticeship programme

4 Value of Apprenticeships A simple equation Employer gain = (apprentice output + apprentice subsidies) – (apprentice wages + apprentice training costs) Average annual organisational benefit from hiring an apprentice in the UK 1.Business Admin £5973 per year 2.Hospitality and Catering £5250 per year 3.Customer Service £4253 per year

5 Value of Apprenticeships There is a significant ££ return of hiring an Apprentice. Other benefits to hiring Apprentices to employers 1.Improved service delivery – 72% 2.Improved staff morale – 63% 3.Improved staff retention – 60% 4.Improved ability to attract new staff – 55% 5.Brought new ideas to the organisation – 54% Source – The Value of Apprenticeships. The Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd (2014)

6 A few questions to discuss If not What has stopped you employing them? What job role(s) could you recruit an Apprentice into? What would be the advantages to employing Apprentices for your organisation What help / support would you need to employ an apprentice? If yes Why do you employ them? In what job role(s)? How much do you pay them? What value do they add to your organisation? Is there scope for growing the number of Apprentices you employ? Do you currently employ Apprentices?

7 Challenges – real and perceived Complexity and bureaucracy Finding the right apprentice Finding the right training provider Getting independent and expert advice Shaping the “system” to meet your business needs Risk if the apprentice doesn’t work out Increased administrative burden Seasonal and or part-time work

8 Models of Employment – Traditional Apprentice employed directly by employer HR managed by employer Full time role for 52 weeks per year Employer liaises with training provider Requirement for employer to have minimum 30 hours per week of work for 52 weeks of the year including training Require employer to have effective and flexible HR and Payroll functions Employer ApprenticeProvider

9 Models of Employment – Emerging Apprentice employed by Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) HR and payroll managed by ATA Apprentice can be shared across employers ATA liaises with apprentice, employers and provider A recruitment agency approach for apprenticeships Employer can elect to employ apprentice when they require (e.g. part time role, seasonal job). ATA coordinates activity across employers and provider. All HR support provided by a central organisation (ATA) ATA EmployerProviderEmployerApprentice

10 Support Available Funding Some support available for small employers (less than 50 employees) Eligibility Criteria in place based on age of apprentice SME Employers can be paid subsidy for recruiting up to 5 Apprentices. £1500 per Apprentice employer-fact-sheet Advice and Guidance UK Apprenticeship Agency are here to help.

11 Any Questions?

12 Further Advice and Guidance We are happy to help and support. Kate Reed

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