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Rock Pool Creatures! By Chiara Ciach.

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1 Rock Pool Creatures! By Chiara Ciach

2 What are rock pool creatures?
Rock pool creatures are animals that live in rock pools. They are mini sea animals that go to rock pools to stay safe and to stop them from drying out when the tide is low.

3 What is a Rock pool? A rock pool is a rocky pool by the ocean. They are small and shallow. They are filled with many fascinating rock pool creatures and are filled with sea water.

4 How can we protect rock pool creatures?
We can pick the rocks up carefully and not throw them back. Put the rocks back where you found them. Don’t run around and make heaps of noise because they could get scared. Lastly don’t touch them unless an adult says it’ ok because some of the creatures may hurt you.

5 What do they eat? They like to eat plants and algae. Fish in rock pools like to eat shrimp. They also suck on minerals.

6 What are some of the creatures that live in rock pools.
Some creatures that live in rock pools are starfish also known as sea stars, sea cucumbers, crabs, mini fish, the dangerous blue ring octopus and lots more.

7 How are humans and animals predators to rock pool creatures?
People are stabbing their nets in the rock pools and it’s hurting them. People are also throwing rocks at them. Other animals in rock pools are hurting and eating other rock pool creatures.

8 How do rock pools get damaged by the environment?
Rock pools are getting damaged by weather. If it’s raining and its windy it damages the rock pools. Also pollution is also damaging the rock pools. Littering is also damaging

9 Facts about Rock pool creatures!
Barnacles are part of the same family as prawns and crabs. Molluscs are all the animals without shells except barnacles. If a part of an echinoderm’s body breaks off it can re grow.

10 The END!!

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