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Meet the.

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1 Meet the

2 I’m a Giant Green Sea Anemone.
I look like a green flower. I live attached to a rock. I eat at high tides. I close up in the hot sunlight. I can live for 30 years. Do you see my mouth?

3 I have lots of tentacles.
I have tentacles all around my mouth. My tentacles looks like fingers. I eat small fish, crabs, and shrimp. I grab and sting my food with my tentacles. I use my tentacles to put food in my mouth, that opens into my stomach.

4 My name is Camouflaged Fish.
I change colors to match with the rocks and sand. I can bury and sit still, so my enemies can’t see me. I use my mouth to snap up food. Can you find me in the pictures?

5 My name is Acorn Barnacle.
I look like a little volcano and I have a hard shell. I am related to the crab. I can stick to a rock, shell, a whale or a turtle. At low tides, you can see what I look like. I close up and wait for the tides to rise.

6 I’m hungry. I love the high tides. I open up my shell and my long, feather legs come out. They catch plankton floating in the water. My legs kick the food down into my mouth. My mouth is at the bottom of my shell.

7 My name is Purple Shore Crab.
I have eight legs and two pinchers. I use my pinchers to catch food and to protect me. I can stay out of the water, but I have to keep my gills wet to breathe. In high tides, I look for food. I try to hide from the gulls at low tides. I can run fast.

8 My name is Hermit Crab. I have four legs, two claws, and antennas.
I wear a snail shell. When it gets too small, I move into a bigger shell. I fight with my friends. I eat dead things, I can find at high tide. I hide in cracks at low tides.

9 My name is Lined Chiton. I look like a football.
My shell is made of eight parts. I can roll up into a ball. I walk very slow in the high tides. I use my foot to attach to the rocks.

10 My name is California Mussels.
I have two blue shells. I look like a clam. I use my cables to anchor to the rocks. Sea Stars love to eat me. I live with a bunch of mussels, we call it Mussel Bed.

11 My name is Bat Star. I look like a bat with my web rays.
I can have four to nine rays. I have about 20 worms, that live by my mouth. My favorite foods are sea stars, worms, and algae. I hold on tight from the waves washing me off the rocks.

12 My name is Ochre Sea Star.
I have five arms and hundreds of tiny tube feet. I can be orange, purple, red, or brown. I can grow my arms back, if it breaks off. My mouth is in my middle. I love water. I don’t like the sun, because it dries me out. I find a rock to grab onto.

13 It’s Lunch Time! At high tide, I visit the Mussel Bed.
My favorite food is mussels. I push my stomach out through my mouth.

14 My name is Western Gull. I am a bird.
I like to go to the rocky seashore. I fly, walk or take naps on the beach at high tides. My favorite time at the rocky seashore is low tides. I find many things to eat. I like sea stars, mussels, clams, and sandwiches.

15 My name is Sea Palm. I look like a palm tree. I only grow on rocks.
I bounce back after every wave. I like strong waves. Be safe, I can get tangled around you!

16 My name is Red Octopus. I live in a hole or a cave.
I like to eat hermit crabs, other small crabs, and small fish. I have a poison bite and eight long tentacles. I use camouflage to protect me. I pick up things and take it to my cave in high tides. I hide in a water hole at low tides.

17 Goodbye from the

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