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What are the key features of the US political system?

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1 What are the key features of the US political system?

2 Learning objective – to be able to identify the key features of the US political system.
I can describe the main features of the US political system using some relevant vocabulary. Grade D I can explain the relationship between different features of the US political system. Grade B I can compare and contrast the US political system with the British system. Grade A

3 Starter – in pairs write in a mind map all you know about the American political system.

4 The key features of the American political system.

5 What is a constitution? A constitution is a list of rules for which governments have to abide by when governing a country. There are two types of constitution – written and unwritten. America has a written constitution. The constitution defines the system of government of a country. Any changes to the American constitution are called amendments.

6 What is a federal state? A federal state, like America, divides power between two governments. The federal [or central] government deals with issues that affect the whole country, such as foreign affairs. State government operates in individual states and deals with laws that would apply to that state only, such as law and order.

7 What are the powers of a President?
The President of the United States is elected to lead the federal government. However, in order to stop a dictatorship, power is shared between the President, Congress [national parliament] and the Supreme Court. Presidents can propose laws but they need the support of the Congress if it is to be passed. Similarly, a President can sign an international treaty, but this needs to be agreed by the Senate if it is to become law. Even so, the law can be blocked by the Supreme Court if they feel it is unconstitutional.

8 When are Presidential Elections held?
Presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday of November. Each state votes separately. To win in each state, the candidate must win the majority of state electoral college votes. This was based on the number of representatives the state had in Congress. When a candidate won an election, they would have to wait until March to form the government. From 1933, this was brought forward to mid January.

9 Who were the main political parties?
The Republican Party Liked to preserve traditions – seen as more conservative. Aimed to stay out of people’s lives – a policy called laissez faire. Did not believe in high taxes. Main support in the north, where there was more industry, more jobs and more wealth. The Democrat Party Liked to challenge and change things – seen as more liberal. Preferred to intervene in people’s lives if needed, Favoured helping those in need. Main support in the south, where there was greater poverty.

10 Main task Stick the US political system diagram into your exercise book and use this to help you construct a hexagon pattern with the hexagons given to you on your worksheet. Once you are happy with your pattern, stick the hexagons in the pattern into your exercise books and write the link down where each hexagon touches. Make sure that you have as many hexagons touching as possible in your pattern.

11 Plenary – list as many similarities and differences between the US and the British political systems.

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