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GHG Inventory - 2006 AFOLU : Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Use.

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1 GHG Inventory - 2006 AFOLU : Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Use

2 Lessons from 1996 GL GHG emissions/removals from all land categories & conversions not addressed, methods not given All carbon pools not included in default methods Non-CO 2 gas emissions from Savanna burning presented in Chapter 4 (Agriculture), but Savanna considered in Chapter 5 (Forests) Lack of synergy between N 2 O loss sections (Agriculture) and CO 2 loss sections (LUCF) in soils - N 2 O from soil; in agriculture - CO 2 from soil; in LUCF Absence of linking biomass and soil carbon

3 Key-problems faced by parties using revised IPCC – 1996 GL IPCC – GL classification of forests and other land categories not compatible with national system of classification Lack of clarity on ‘managed forest’, ‘managed natural forest’ and ‘natural forest’ Limited guidance on uncertainty Absence of methods for CH 4 from agricultural soils, below ground biomass etc. GPG 2000, GPG 2003 addressed some of these issues

4 Limitations of GPG 2003 Lack of clarity on managed and unmanaged land Methods/approaches need to be made more user- friendly Description of methods diffused across different chapters/sectors Inadequate guidance for Tier-3 methods Inconsistency in treatment of DOM Emissions from burning of Savannas; agriculture or forest or grassland Level of disaggregation for different land categories and livestock categories

5 AFOLU – key features Merging of Agriculture, Forest &other Land uses and Livestock systems Adoption of GPG 2003 approach - all land categories in an integrated way - inclusion of livestock and manure arrangement - inclusion of all C-pools and relevant non-CO 2 gases in default approach Incorporation of key source category analysis - land use categories - C-pools and non-CO 2 gases

6 AFOLU – key features Adoption of 3-tier methods - Tier-1; default methods and data - Tier-2; simple equations and country specific data - Tier-3; models and inventory programs Improved default data and use of EFDB Improved guidance for T-2 and T-3 Improved treatment of uncertainties Common methodology chapter Volume-1; Cross cutting issues Reporting Tables & Worksheets (for default methods)

7 Status/progress Chapter outline approved and being used for different sections Zero-order draft of different sections nearly ready ISSUES: 1. uncertainty estimates; limited data 2. treatment of HWP 3. treatment of DOM 4. C-stock transfers; biomass, DOM, SOC 5. limited default data for many EF/RF 6. adoption of land use/management systems compatible to default data and national system of classification 7. Mapping back of GHG estimates between 2006 GL and 1996 GL

8 AFOLU – Approved Table of Contents Overview and cross-cutting issues Consistent representation of lands/management systems Summary of the methodologies (and general equations for pools & gases) Agriculture - Cropland - Grassland -Livestock Forest lands - forest land remaining forest land - land converted to forest land Wetlands - peat lands - flooded lands Settlements Other land categories Other - HWP (taking into consideration any decision of the COP on this matter)

9 Steps adopted for 2006 GL 1.Select all land categories and management systems (livestock & manure) relevant to the country (based on Chapter 4.2) 2.Conduct key source/sink category analysis - land categories, livestock management systems - carbon pools - non-CO 2 pools 3. Select appropriate Tier level based on - key-category analysis - resources/national circumstances 4. Select the method of estimation (equations) based on Tier selected

10 Steps adopted for 2006 GL 5. Assemble activity data and emission factors and estimate GHG emissions/removal 6. Estimate uncertainty 7. Adopt QA and QC procedures 8. Report GHG emissions/removal using the reporting tables 9. Document and archive all information

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