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Introduction to North America

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1 Introduction to North America

2 As we read take notes using a tree map

3 The US and Canada occupy 4/5 of the continent.
What country occupies the other 1/5? Mexico

4 Which country is largest?
Canada: 3.9 million square miles US: 3.2 million square miles

5 Who has the largest population?
Canada: 32 million US: 300 million

6 Although they are about the same size, Canada has a much smaller population. Why?
Think about our discussions on population distribution and why people settle in certain areas.

7 What large bodies of water surround North America?
Atlantic Pacific Gulf of Mexico Arctic

8 Physical Regions of the United States

9 Identify some of the states in the Great Plains?

10 What are the two mountainous regions?

11 What are the oldest mountains?

12 What are the highest mountains?

13 What islands form a state?

14 What type of map is this? Political

15 Which state has the longest border with Canada?

16 Which state has the longest border with Mexico?

17 Where is Canada’s greatest population density?

18 Where is the U.S.’s greatest population density?

19 What do you think is responsible for the population pattern?

20 What is the majority climate region of Canada?

21 What is the majority climate region of the United States?

22 Could climate have anything to do with the population density of the regions?

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