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“IT Solutions for Tourism Industry” CAPS Workshop Yerevan April 14, 2009.

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1 Email: “IT Solutions for Tourism Industry” CAPS Workshop Yerevan April 14, 2009

2 Email:  Web is economical and efficient way to promote your services and increase sales  In order to work well your website needs permanent tuning  Tuning requires discipline of permanent measuring of key performance metrics and taking actions

3 Email: 1. Internet marketing and advertisement 2. Search engine and social media ranking 3. Site availability 4. Site visitors 5. Server performance

4 Email:  Online advertisement, sponsored search  Pay per click, pay per impression, pay per action  Metrics to watch: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, CPC, CPM, conversion  Actions: tune your ads to reach higher CTR and lower CPC, improve conversion

5 Email:  Generating publicity through search engines, social media, online communities and community websites  Metrics: page ranking, alexa index, indexed pages, backlinks, social bookmarks, search position per keywords  Actions: content reach site, add backlinks, keyword optimization

6 Email:  Ensure that a website is available to users and downtime is minimized. › Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost 1% in sales. › Google found an extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation dropped traffic by 20%. › A broker could lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if their electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition.  Metrics: response time from target markets, uptime  Actions: move sites closer to target market, better connection, reliable hosting, better software and maintenance

7 Email:

8 Email:

9 Email:  Monitor your web traffic  Metrics: impressions, unique visitors, sources, browsers, conversation rate, countries  Actions: browser, country optimization, check referring sources, check effect of your campaigns.

10 Email:  Technical monitoring to prevent website failure  Metrics: CPU, storage, RAM, network bandwidth  Actions: timely backup, upgrade server, cleaning disk space.

11 Email:  There are tools available to automate monitoring  Successful website can generate significant profit  Tourism is one of the key industries which will benefit from Internet  It will also help to promote Armenia brand worldwide  Sourcio can provide tools and consulting For more information please email

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