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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Education EMIS Directorate.

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1 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Education EMIS Directorate

2 Presentation overview: Evolution of EMIS 1 Solution framework 2 Progress/ Achievements 3 Future plans 4 Challenges 5

3 Evolution of EMIS: EMIS was initiated Functional EMIS web-enabled system Mobile computing and GIS system 2005 2007 2009 2013-14 System decentralized 2012

4 Technology & Communications Infrastructure Human Resource Capacity Policies procedures standards M&R Data Analysis GIS & Mobile IS Integrated & decentralized EMIS Informed decision making Solution framework:

5 Progress/Achievements: Three Years Implementation Plan Information System Development Policy Information Systems Development Procedures Information System Development Standards Following activities of the plan based on assessment recommendations

6 Progress/ Achievements… Decentralization of EMIS 2013-14 Data collection, Entry, Cleaning & Reporting Collecting Exam Result statistics from schools (2013-14) Brochure for EMIS Capacities of provincial staffs built “Certification, OP, and SMIS systems”

7 Progress/Achievements… Establishment of GIS Unit Kabul city & Kabul province Government schools GPS coordinates collected District-wise data for planning prepared based on planning department request Total 188 District–wise GIS maps of 94 districts from 10 provinces are produced Map Catalog EMIS map booklet for 1392

8 Progress/Achievements… Mobile phone based M&E/ Data collection & verification Training on the use of Mobile Application to end users in TED and EQUIP Mobile application capacity building program Customizing the SMIS system for TVET department and developing mobile based TVET-M&E system

9 Developed Systems: SMIS School Information and Statistic School Infrastructure School Facilities Students Statistics Exam Results Text Book and teacher guides’ statistic Student Certificates- MIS Student Profile Students three years exam results Issuing certificates Documents upload Procurement Tracking-MIS Tracks activities of: Goods projects Construction projects Consultancy projects

10 Developed Systems… HR-MIS Track employees’ Announcement process Test, Interview and selection process Performance evaluation Community Based Education- MIS Records overall number of CBE classes Number of Students Facilities Exam results Employees’ statistic Mobile, Web, SMS Application Data Collection Monitoring Data verification & Validation

11 Future plans: Implementing all the Recommendations given by the assessment report In the long run integrating the EMIS systems. Data dissemination using a proper mechanism Using mobile application as input and output tools for M&E, verification, validation in the long run Connectivity of Provincial EMIS servers with central server using reliable ICT infrastructure 11

12 Future plans: 652 maps preparation for 326 districts of 25 remaining provinces GPS data collection of all the schools of Afghanistan EMIS online mapping system Verification of all schools GPS data on maps Based on requirements, producing different maps 12

13 Lack of proper understanding of Business Process Mapping and domain expertise of the manual systems Implementation of developed information systems is complex using current capacity of civil servants Lack of end-user interest in using of developed systems Lack of Public Awareness Lack of accuracy in the geographic data provided by different sources in Afghanistan Literacy rate is low in our country which causes less participation of community in information systems especially in mobile application and SMS solution Challenges: Using Pirated Versions of software for development, especially database management system.

14 Lack of security Development of ISDS-MIS is a challenge because of lack of end-user capacity And lack of domain expertise Lack of IT industry In Afghanistan No specific fund for having legitimate software's Challenges: Change in Requirements From end-users Lack of Information system Hardware & Software resources in provincial EMIS units.

15 Note: Despite these challenges, EMIS department has always been committed to find possible alternatives which led us towards some great achievements Thank you

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