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Financial Manager: Nathan Koos Resource Manager: Brandon Allen Event Manager: Justin Huon Graphic Designer: Taylor Rayburn.

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1 Financial Manager: Nathan Koos Resource Manager: Brandon Allen Event Manager: Justin Huon Graphic Designer: Taylor Rayburn

2 Why Madrid? There are many reasons Madrid would make a great educational trip for our Spanish club. For starters, Madrid is a city of great importance and historical wonder. It is Spain’s capital and has many areas and buildings that we have learned about in our studies this year. Not to mention, it’s extravagant social life and the beauty of its culture and history. In Madrid, we could visit many historic museums and eat at many authentic restaurants such as Botin Restaurant, the worlds oldest restaurant offering authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This is one of the many aspects of Madrid we have learned about this year and getting to see it in person would be leaps and bounds beyond what we can experience in the class room.

3 Education? Madrid not only has an enormous array of adventure and entertainment within it, it has centuries of history and knowledge just waiting for eager students like us to absorb it. Taking this trip to Madrid would not only be an extremely enjoyable experience but a time well spent and it would enhance the classroom experience and provide a lifetime of memories for us students.

4 Activities  There are many activities available for our enjoyment in Madrid but, in order to ensure a ton of fun as well as a ton of learning these are the events we have decided to focus on mainly.  River Rafting  Bull Fight  Museums  2 Day Tour  Authentic Restaurants  Native Parties  Visit Local Parks


6 Sights Some important sites to see while in Madrid include the famous Royal Palace and the historic post office one of Madrid's oldest and most beautiful buildings. Madrid all together is a tremendously historic and monumental city.

7 Things to Do There are plenty of exciting and fun things to do in the social boundaries of Madrid. Things like: biking, parties, and park walks are great ways to have fun and learn of Madrid’s amazing cultural background.

8 Museums  Museo del Prado: one of the most important art museums in Europe and amongst the best in the world.  Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza: over 800 paintings and exhibits from the 13 th century to the present day.

9 Our Hotel Hotel Petit: San Bernardo, Madrid  $257/Night  San Bernardo 3 esq con Gran Via 53  Biggest room (4 people) Family Room  Free bike rent (transportation)  Free Wi-Fi (Studies and Information)  TV (International Channels)  Metro Station near by (transportation)

10 Our Food We will visit many food establishments during our trip to Spain. The first and most important restaurant on our journey will be Botin Restaurant, a traditional restaurant serving an authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Not only is it home to great food but it is home to the Guinness book of world records title of oldest restaurant in the world. We will eat at many places and enjoy many different foods as well as the colorful Spanish culture that Madrid has to offer.

11 Words and Phrases Phrases to use in restaurants  ORDERING  Cual es la especialidad de la casa.  Me puede traer y para comer (beber)  Buen provecho.  COMPLIMENTS  Excelente.  Muy atento.  Muy amable.  Gracias por atenderme.  DESCRIBE FOOD  El sabor  Agrio  Caliente  Delicioso  Dulce  Fresco  Picante  Sabroso  Salado  Que asco Because we will be visiting many social areas in Madrid as well as many restaurants the words and phrases we have thought to use on our journey are more focused around food and ordering it.

12 Our Transportation  Bikes (Hotel)  Metro Stations- Santo Domingo and Callao  Shuttle/Cab to travel for long distances

13 Itinerary  Leave to Madrid- May 15 th, Direct Flight to Madrid 8:00 AM (US Airways)  Return to USA- May 29 th, Direct Flight to Sky Harbor Airport 10:00 PM (Air Europa)

14 The Cost  Hotel: Hotel Petit San Bernardo Madrid- $257 a night, $3598 total (taxes included) $900 a person.  Transportation: FREE, Bikes supplied by Hotel.  Food: $900 per person. This money covers: Restaurants, Authentic foods, Fast Food.  Tour of Madrid: $110 for all 4 people on a 2 day tour.  Bull Fight: $112 for all 4 people.  River Rafting: $86 for the group all day rafting.  Museums and Restaurants: $100 per person for their spending.  TOTAL: $1976.5 Per Traveler

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