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Created by: Sam Brasen, Dalton Davis, Mercedes Tuttle.

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1 Created by: Sam Brasen, Dalton Davis, Mercedes Tuttle

2 We are going to Madrid, Spain to learn about the culture. We’ll be able to explore historical landmarks. We’ll be able to use Spanish to communicate with the natives. In short, we’ll be able to learn about Spanish, directly from the source.

3 Leave home on May 31 at 7:00 A.M. Arrive in Madrid, Spain and stay in Meliá Madrid Princesa Hotel. Go to the Atocha Train station to board a train to Barcelona on June 6th. After returning back from Barcenlona on June 7 th, we are going chill in Madrid. Pack up and leave for home on June 10 th at 5:00 P.M.

4 Leave to the airport at 7:00 A.M. Check bags and tickets. Flight leaves at 8:30 A.M.

5 Once we arrive, we will be able to use vocabulary we’ve learned throughout the year to communicate with the airport personnel in order to find our bags.

6 We will take a bus to our hotel and we will check in. Then, we will take the elevator up to our hotel room to get situated. Lights out no later than 10:00 P.M.

7 We are going to go walking around town/shopping Communicate with the natives Go to the open-air market/ buy food Picture here of foood Picture of SHOPS

8 We will communicate with the shop owners and buy items from them. SpanishEnglish el mercado al aire libreopen-air market el dinero en efectivocash regatearto bargain el recuerdosouvenir

9 Going to go see historical landmarks

10 Check out the local and traditional music

11 Go to El Museo Del Prado

12 Visit local art exhibits

13 Go to the Atocha Train Station Take the train to Barcelona Explore Barcelona. Check into our hotel.

14 Leave Barcelona by train. Get back to the Atocha Train Station. Take a bus back to the Melia Madrid Princesa.


16 MORE chilllllliiiiin

17 Take a bus to the airport at 3:00 P.M. Fly back to the U.S. Take a bus back home.

18 May 31 st - leave to Spain June 1 st - visit local stores and food June 2 nd - visit historical landmarks June 3 rd - check out local music June 4 th - go to El Museo Del Prado June 5 th - visit local art exhibits June 6 th - go to the Atocha Train Station and Barcelona June 7 th - return to Madrid by train June 8 th & June 9 th - hangin out June 10 th - return to the United States

19 We will learn a lot about the culture of Spain and broaden our cultural horizons. We will experience new art, music, and learn history as well as use the spanish that we learned in class. WHILE HAVING FUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

20 madridprincesa.en.html Activities-c8-Madrid.html#TtD guide/spain/madrid/train-station/atocha-train- station.html?WT.mc_id=google.Train+Stations+- +G.cpc&WT.term=atocha+train+station+madrid& mpaign=1537&WT.source=google&WT.medium=cpc& WT.content=603010159&cshift_ck=1884311080cs6030101 59&WT.srch=1 iprequest.htm m guide/spain/madrid/train-station/atocha-train-

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