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Wiring Skill Trades 1201.

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1 Wiring Skill Trades 1201

2 Wire Size The diameter of the wire determines the amount of current that can safely flow through it. Wires are sized according to a table known as the American Wire Gauge (AWG).

3 Wire Size Wire size varies from AWG 40 to 0000 with 40 being the smallest and 0000 the largest. The larger the number the smaller the wire diameter.

4 Table Application Amps Guage AC 120V 15 14-2 Duplex Circuits Lights
Clothes Dryer 30 10-3 Range 40 8-3 Hot Water Heater 10-2

5 Common Residential Wire Sizes
# 24 AWG Used for Computers # 22 AWG Used for Telephone # 18 AWG Used for Doorbell Circuit # 14 AWG Used for Light, Switches, Receptacles,

6 Common Residential Wire Sizes
# 12 AWG Used for Light, Switches, Receptacles, Baseboard Heaters, , Hot Water Heaters # 10 AWG Used for Clothes Dryers # 8 AWG Used for Electric Range # 2 AWG Used for Ground Wire

7 Common Residential Wire Sizes
# 000 AWG Service Entrance Cable # 0000 AWG Service Entrance Cable

8 Residential Wire Colour Code
Hot Wire Black or any other colour except White, Green, bare copper. Neutral Wire White Ground Wire Green or Bare Copper

9 Two Wire Circuits Black and White Wires Black and Red Wires
Used for lights and receptacles in 120 volts AC circuits. Black and Red Wires Used for electric heaters and hot water tanks in 220 volt circuits. Used between switch and lighting outlets.

10 Three Wire Circuits Black, Red, White or Green Wires:
Used for electric Dryers and Ranges.

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