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Most people make their first move away from home and parents to live in a/an ___________. Apartment.

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1 Most people make their first move away from home and parents to live in a/an ___________. Apartment

2 Tenants have the responsibility to report housing problems or defects to the _____________. Landlord

3 Many young adults choose to live at ______ in order to save money for a place of their own. Home

4 Living in a cooperative is similar to a dormitory, but students have more __________, such as sharing the cleaning. Responsibilities

5 When you ______ a lease, you are expected to remain for the entire term of the lease. Sign

6 A decision about where to live will depend a great deal on ________ available. Finances

7 An additional ______ is often required if you want to keep a pet in a rental residence. Deposit

8 _________ apartments usually come with sofa, bed, refrigerator, and stove. Furnished

9 Students who want to feel part of campus life should consider living in a ________ while in college. Dormitory

10 List 3 things that landlords are required to provide. Weatherproof Walls Plumbing Facilities Adequate Water

11 A _______ usually provides the most living space. House

12 In most states, you are required to give ____ days’ notice of intent to vacate a rental unit. 30

13 When should an apartment inventory be completed? As you are moving in

14 Which of these is a tenant responsibility? Adequate Locks Clean and neat condition Lighting and wiring Smoke detectors Clean and neat condition

15 Which of the following is not an advantage of renting a residence? A. Mobility B. Privacy C. Social life D. Convenience B - Privacy

16 Which of the following expenses would probably be shared by roommates? A. Utilities B. Laundry C. Cell phone charges D. Personal care A - Utilities

17 Which of the following is not a lawful reason to deny rental? A. Employment B. Credit rating C. Rental experiences D. Marital status D – Marital status

18 Many rental properties do not provide _______. A. Social opportunities B. Garages C. Laundry facilities D. Recreational facilities B - Garages

19 When should the decision be made about who will take items purchased jointly when the living arrangement changes? At the time of purchase

20 You should have enough money in ______ before attempting your move. Savings

21 Moving costs will _______ as the distance to your new residence increases. Increase

22 __________ truck rentals are a good idea for longer moves. One-way

23 There is usually a non-refundable _______ for new installations. (Such as telephone, power, water, etc. Charge

24 A security deposit protects the ______ against damage or nonpayment. Owner

25 Living arrangements are most successful when roommates have _______ personalities and living habits. Similar

26 Who usually is responsible for making home repairs when you rent a house? Landlord

27 Is it a good idea for roommates to have a group budget? Yes

28 When you move out of a rented unit, how should you leave it? Leave it as you found it, except for normal wear and tear.

29 An advantage of renting an apartment, rather than buy a house, is mobility. True or False True

30 Is it necessary to give a 30 days’ notice when you wish to move from an apartment? Yes or No Yes

31 You will need to know the following terms for the test. DormitoriesTenant EfficiencyEviction FeeRental Agreement Security DepositLandlord UtilitiesHabitable Lease

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