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Comenius Multilateral Project LERBISH

2 The development of the current system of education in the Republic of Lithuania started in 1990s.
According to the Constitution adopted in 1992, education is compulsory from 7 until the age of 16 and free of charge in our country. Higher education in Lithuania is optional. The official language of instruction in schools is Lithuanian.

3 Academic year 1st September is the beginning of the school year.
The school years ends in May for 1st – 5th forms. The rest learn a few weeks more. The academic year can be divided into two semesters .The autumn semester usually starts in September and lasts till January and the spring semester usually lasts from February to June.It can also be 3 semesters a year. Every semester 3 months

4 Lesson lasts 45 min We go to school Monday to Friday and have lessons a week There can be max. 30 students in one class The Ministry of Education and Science approves the curriculum at all levels.

5 Explanation of the Lithuanian education system
General education lasts for 12 years and is devided into three stages: primary (pradinis) - 4 years (forms 1-4); lower secondary (pagrindinis) - 6 years  (forms 5-10); and secondary (vidurinis) - 2 years (forms 11-12). Each stage can be followed in a separate independent institution or in one general institution.

6 Pre- school education Is optional and is offered for children  from birth to six years of age. It is optional and is only available upon parents’ request. Pre-school education is provided both by public and private day nurseries, kindergartens, and schools-kindergartens.

7 Pre-primary education
Pre-primary education is provided for six-year old, or earlier (but not earlier than five years).Education lasts one year and is intended to better prepare for school. Pre-primary groups are set up in kindergartens or schools.

8 Primary 7-11 Primary education is provided from seven years or six.
Primary schools have no grade assessment. Pupils get oral information or brief written description on their achievements. Trimester, semester or academic year end in evaluation specifying the achieved level: satisfactory, basic or advanced. The first foreign language is introduced in the second year.

9 Basic 11-16 Basic education takes six years to complete. It is provided by basic, secondary, youth, vocational schools and gymnasiums. Compulsory education is until 16 years of age. It normally lasts until the tenth grade. Basic education may be followed by further studies in secondary or vocational schools. It is also possible to follow secondary education programme in conjunction with the vocational training program .

10 Secondary 16-18/19 Secondary education is not compulsory and is usually provided for two years (forms 11 and 12 in secondary schools and forms 3 and 4 in gymnasiums). Secondary education is provided in secondary schools, gymnasiums, and vocational schools.

11 Higher Available for those who are at least 18 and have completed secondary education.

12 Assessment Learning achievements in grades 5-12 in secondary schools are assessed as follows:

13 Outcome Assessement Description Pass 10 (exellent) Excellent, exceptional knowledge and competences 9 (very good) Solid, good knowledge and competences 8 (good) Knowledge and competences above the average 7 (average) Average knowledge and competences, minor mistakes 6 (satisfactory) Knowledge and competences (skills) below the average, mistakes 5 (weak) Knowledge and competences (skills) meet minimum requirements Fail 4, 3, 2, 1 (unsatisfactory) Failing minimum requirements

14 Subject we study at school:
Religion or ethics Lithuanian Mathematics Nature and man 5-6 forms, Biology and physics from 7th form Chemistry from 8th form IT History Geography Art Music Technologies PE

15 Our school

16 Our Headmaster and deputy directors

17 Our charming secretary

18 Social educator

19 Nurse

20 We are all waiting you in Varėna ! ;)



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