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1 Overview Presentation
PHILMAC Overview Presentation

2 Philmac Pty Ltd Established in 1929
Head Office and manufacturing in Adelaide, South Australia World leaders in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of innovative pipe fittings and valves Member of the Aliaxis Group of Companies

3 Philmac Pty Ltd Global presence
Long history of serving the water industry in Asia, UK, Middle East, North America and Australasia Specialists in providing high performance fittings for PE pipe systems

4 Philmac Europe Business Unit reporting directly to Philmac Pty Ltd
Distribution Centre for the UK, Ireland & Europe Market leading supplier of compression fittings and valves into Major Merchant Market Sectors Largest stockholding of Philmac products outside of Australia

5 Philmac 3G Metric Imperial
Introduced to the market in 2005 Part of Philmac’s global 3rd Generation Compression Fitting platform A product of Philmac’s 20+ years experience with plastic compression fittings in the water industry

6 Key Applications Municipal New Mains to Meter connections
Repair and Maintenance of existing lines New Metering Programs Meter Replacement Programs

7 Key Applications Plumbing New House Connections
Repair and Maintenance of Existing lines

8 Key Applications Irrigation
Transfer of water from water supply line to site Transfer of water from pump to site Suction line from pump

9 Key Applications Rural Transfer of water from bore to dam
Transfer of water from water source to tank/trough

10 Find out more at:

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