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ALGAF IV GHANA’S PRESENTATION Friday, February 6, 2003.

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1 ALGAF IV GHANA’S PRESENTATION Friday, February 6, 2003

2 How an LGA can mobilize funds INTERNAL SOURCES 1 – 5 % of health funds for the district can be used for HIV/AIDS mainstreaming Common funds – taxes, revenue, fund- raising, levies, duties, market tolls. etc

3 External Sources UNAIDS UNICEF DFID Ghana AIDS Commission’s funds Action AID, Etc DANIDA John Hopkins University USAID Family Health International, etc. Save the Children’s Fund Donations from philanthropies Donations from developmental agencies within specific districts

4 Priority activities based on limited funding under mainstreaming 1.Prevention – Awareness Vulnerable groups Kayayos (Female porters) House helps Commercial sex workers Target groups Owners of guest houses Long distance drivers Hairdressers and barbers Mobile manicurists Truck pushers Wanzams (circumcisionists)

5 Care and support under functional integration Nutrition of infected people and counseling Training of care givers Orphans

6 Advantages of monitoring and evaluation framework Monitoring –Indicators will help us to know where we are going, how to get there and whether we have achieved our objectives. If not, we re-strategise

7 Mechanisms an LGA can use to effectively manage partnerships Guidelines binding all members Leaders Trustees Outline of activities Monitoring, evaluation and reporting to LGA

8 How partnerships will be monitored? Internal: HIV/AIDS Partnership Network (HAPN) Monitoring Committee External: LGAs and stakeholders Donor Agencies

9 Activities proposed in previous assignments Prevention Hairdressers/Barbers Care and Support PLWHA – Nutritional needs, etc. Care givers – emotional and psychological needs Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators through Pre & Post testing of Participants using questionnaires Impact Assessment – Short term – by practices of participants at places of work – Long term – client interviews

10 Budget for activities Prevention and Awareness PurposeDescriptionCost ObjectiveMainstreaming to ensure that all hairdressers & barbers understand the risk of HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves and prevent transmission ActivityTraining of trainers workshop on prevention Output50 participants for 4 half days Implementation by health/education AIDS talk team Monitored by the heads of the group

11 PurposeDescriptionCost Inputs Training materials/ Stationary$ 500 Venue – rent$ 400 Food$440 Services Resource persons (2) T&T / Per Diem$320 Participants’ T&T$120 Transportation and Miscellaneous$20 Grants$1800 ActivityImplementation framework JFMAMJJASOND Session1234

12 Funding Internal LGAGhana AIDS Commission Donors Venue$400 Training material/stationary $500 Resource T&T Per Diem $320 Food$440 Participants’ T&T$120 Miscellaneous$20


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