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BAHASA INGGRIS 2 By: Selvianti, S.Pd. 2 Unit 1: INTRODUCTION We usually greet our friends when we meet them or when we talk to them on the telephone.

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1 BAHASA INGGRIS 2 By: Selvianti, S.Pd

2 2 Unit 1: INTRODUCTION We usually greet our friends when we meet them or when we talk to them on the telephone. We also say “hello” to new friends. We sometimes introduce ourselves to them, or someone else to them.

3 3 1.Expressions√ 2.Introducing Yourself Informally√ 3.Introducing Yourself Formally√ 4.Introducing Other Person√ 5.Asking One’s Identities√ 6.Answering Questions 7.Exercise√ 8.Conversation Practice

4 4 Hi,Nice to meet you Hello,Nice to see you again Good morningI’m glad to know you Good afternoon I’m very pleased to know you Good eveningFine, thanks How are you?Very well, thank you How are you doing?I’m not too well How have you been?I’m feeling well ByeGood bye See you laterSo long 1.Expressions

5 2.Introducing Yourself Informally When we meet someone, friend or people we first meet, we must greet him/her. The way we greet is different. Examples: a.John: How do you do? I’m John Brown. Suzan: How do you do? I’m Suzan Sarandon. Nice to know you. John: Nice to know you too.

6 b.Tom: Good morning. I am Tom Cruise. Bill: Morning, Mr. Cruise. I’m Bill Crosby. Tom: I’m glad to know you, Mr. Crosby. Bill: So am I. c.Man: Hello, my name is Eric Clapton. Please call me Eric. Woman: Hello, Eric. My name is Kathy Lewis. Call me Kate. How do you do, Eric? Man: How do you do too, Kate? Woman: Nice to know you. Man: Nice to know you, too. By the way, I’m from Texas. What about you, Kate? Woman: I’ m from Chicago. Man: Oh, sorry. I’ve to get off here, Kate. Good bye and see you later. Woman: Bye, see you.

7 3.Introducing Yourself Formally a.Monica: “Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Monica Sales. You may call me Monica. I am a tennis player. I live at 88 Teuku Umar street, Bandar Lampung. My phone number is 788960. I am the first year student of AMIK DCC. I was born and grow up in Bandar Lampung. Thank you very much for your attention”.

8 b.Dea: May I introduce myself to you? Ade: Yes, of course. Dea: How do you do? Ade: How do you do. I am Ade. I’m glad to know you. Dea: My name is Dea. I’m glad to know you too. Ade: By the way, Where do you live, Dea? …….. etc.

9 9 4.Introducing Other Person Antoni: Dad, this is Mr. Josep. He is my English teacher. And Mr. Josep, this is my father, Mr. Joko. Mr. Joko: How do you do, Mr. Josep? Mr. Josep: How do you do. I am glad to meet you. Antoni’s a good student. Mr. Joko: Thank you. You are his most favorite teacher. Antoni: Mr. Josep, this is my youngest sister, Dewi. Mr. Josep: Hello, Dewi. Dewi: Hello, Mr. Josep. Mr. Joko: Glad to know you, Mr. Josep. Mr. Josep: Glad to know your family, Mr. Joko. Good Bye.

10 10 5.Asking One’s Identities Personal Information: Names Addresses Telephone Numbers Jobs Many more

11 WH-Questions What is your name? –My name is Andrea. What is your address? –My address is Jl. Tamrin Number 8. or Where do you live? –I live at Jl. Tamrin Number 8. What’s your telephone number? –My telephone number is 781291.

12 What is your job? or What do you do? or What is your occupation? –I am a lawyer (teacher, student, housewife, and so on.)

13 6.Answering Questions Susan’s address book. 1.Charles Maroon 1432 Langdon street Los Angeles, CA 90063 U.S.A 213-555-8214 2.Nick Nolte Cherokee 135 Capolic D.f, 31245, MEXICO 52-5-555-6528 3.George Winston 456 Lake Road Willington, 7234. SWITZERLAND 615-555-7778

14 Answer these questions. 1.What is Charles’s house number? 2.What is Nick’s telephone number? 3.What is George’s zip code? 4.What is George’s telephone number? 5.What is Charles’s postal code?

15 Manager: Excuse me, what’s your surname? Applicant: My name is Ryan Louis. Manager: How do you spell your last name? Is it Lewis. Applicant: No, it’s Louis. L-O-U-I-S. Manager: Where do you live? Applicant: I live at 56 Rose Street. Manager: What’s your phone number? Applicant: It’s 778090. Manager: What’s your present job? What do you do? Applicant: Now I work part time in a private company.

16 Manager: How old are you? Applicant: I am twenty years old. Manager: When and where were you born? Applicant: I was born on 21 st January, 1984 in Bandung. Manager: Where do you come from? Applicant: I come from Bandung. Manager: What’s your hobby? I mean your interest? Applicant: I like reading. Manager: Ok, I think it’s enough. Thank you for your information.

17 You act as an immigration officer who is interviewing a tourist arriving in New York city. Try to fill out the following form. FIRST NAME: ____________________________ MIDDLE NAME: ____________________________ SURNAME: ____________________________ ADDRESS: ____________________________ CITY: ____________________________ PROVINCE: ____________________________ ZIP CODE: ____________________________ COUNTRY: ____________________________ SEX: MALE / FEMALE OCCUPATION: ____________________________ AGE: ____________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: ____________________________ PLACE OF BIRTH: ____________________________ EMPLOYER: ____________________________

18 7.Exercise Dialogue 1 Yana: … My … is Yana. Lita: … to … you, Yana. I … Lita. Yana: Nice to … you, …. Dialogue 2 Roy: …, … … … Roy. Ari: …, … … … Ari. Roy: Nice to … …, Ari. Ari: … nice … meet you, too.

19 Dialogue 3 Ratih: Didi, … is Bram. Didi: … do… do? Bram: How … you …? Dialogue 4 Ryan: Sandy, I’d like you to meet David. David: How … you, Sandy? Sandy: … … …, thank you. … … are …?

20 Dialogue 5 A: Hi, my name is John Kennedy. …….? B: Hello, … … … George Bush. A: How do you do, Mr. Bush? B: …………………………….. A: And ………………………..? B: I am an accountant. A: Oh, great. …………………? B: I live in Surabaya. A: ……………………………...? B: My phone number is 5678890. ………….? A: My phone number is 7774560. B: Ok, Mr. John. Nice to see you. A: …………………………………..

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