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Greetings and Introductions

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1 Greetings and Introductions
Unit One and Two Greetings and Introductions

2 Part one:learn some expressions about greeting
1. Meeting someone for the first time How do you do. Glad to meet you. Please to meet you. Nice/delighted to meet you. It is pleasure/good/glad to meet you. How nice to meet you.

3 2.Greetings for people you have known .
I am pleased/glad to meet you again. It is good/nice to see you again. I haven’t seen you for ages/since…. Did you have a good time/holiday/journey? Is everything all right?

4 continued How are you keeping? How are you recently?
What is new? (nothing special) How is everything going ? How are you getting along/on with your work? (pretty good ,not bad,perfect,just so so,couldn't be better) Long time no see.

5 Saying good bye It was nice talking with you
It was great /nice meeting you! Hope to see you again! Give my regards to….. Please remember me to… Please keep in touch All the best./see you later/ take it easy

6 learn the sample dialogues on Page11-12
1. To read the dialogues twice and get the main ideas about the dialogues. practice the dialogues with your partners, you may make some changes in your dialogues according to your own situation.

7 Role –play on page13 Situation one: in the college
firstly you had better ask the name of each other “May I have your name please?” and “where are you from?” or “what is your major?” etc. then say good- bye to each other. Situation two: in a supermarket Greet each other first ,asking “what are you going to buy?” “what fruit do you like best” then say good-bye each other.

8 How to make self -introduction
A .greetings 1. Good morning/afternoon/evening,my fellow classmates/teacher/new friends… 2. It is nice to meet you,first, let me briefly introduce myself to you . 3. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. 4. I am glad/delighted to introduce myself to you 5. It’s great to know you.

9 B.introduce the name,family background,educational background, ,hobbies and so on.
C. ending: 1.that is me /.that is all 2.thank you.I hope we can make good friends each other. 3.thanks for your listening./thanks for your attention

10 Practice speaking To learn the sample dialogues on Page24 and pay more attention to the self-introduction. To have the self-introduction to your partners. introduce the name,family background,educational background, ,hobbies and so on.

11 Introduce the others 1.The useful expressions
Let me introduce A to you…. May I have honor to introduce A… Come and meet…. I like you to meet …. 2.learn the dialogues onPage23 and learn how to introduce the others.

12 Practice speaking(role play)
have the role-play with your partners according to the situations on Page25. You can also create your own situations and make the dialogues.

13 homework 1. Retell the story on Page226to your partners or yourself.
3.Do some readings on Page10 and Page22.

14 Thank you

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