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Simon Harris Manager, Open & Distance Learning Unit, British Council

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1 Postgraduate Certificate and Masters in English Language Teaching (ELT) Online
Simon Harris Manager, Open & Distance Learning Unit, British Council Prof Clare Mar-Molinero Head, Modern Languages, University of Southampton Vicky Wright Director, Centre for Language Study, University of Southampton

2 Overview Who are the University of Southampton & the British Council?
What is the collaboration? What is the PG Cert in ELT? Course overview  Learning activities The core units How do I move on to a Masters? Who can apply? Frequently Asked Questions

3 University of Southampton
Situated on South coast of England, close to London One of the elite group of research-led UK universities known as the Russell Group

4 University of Southampton
Well-known for its innovative approaches to learning & teaching International reputation in English Language Teaching Home to Centre for Applied Language Research (CALR) MeXsu - new centre for Mexico – Southampton collabaration

5 Leading Research in CALR

6 Leading Research in CALR

7 Leading Research in CALR

8 British Council The UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations; Operates an extensive teacher training and education programme; Leading provider and innovator of English Language Teaching; Pioneer in online learning and teaching

9 Collaboration Both partners have been involved in the design of the online PG Cert and Masters in ELT They will be delivered online by an experienced e-tutor team from BC (Mexico) ODLU University of Southampton will oversee, moderate and award the qualification

10 Course overview – PG Cert
Four core units taken over 2 semesters Communicative Approaches to ESP Language Analysis for Teaching Communicative Methodology in ESP E-Learning for ELT Each unit worth 15 credits (CATS)

11 Learning Activities Course activities will include:
Online tutor-led discussion forums Interactive tasks in topic-led learning materials Presentations and lectures (eg podcasts) Real-time chat & small group discussions

12 Learning Activities Reading key texts Accessing online resources
Independent Learning will include: Reading key texts Accessing online resources Participating in online forums Private study research & reflection Action research & reporting, & presentations

13 Communicative Approaches to ESP
1. Focus on the theory and practice of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) theoretical framework for CLT/ESP practice the teaching of ESP in the broader context of communicative approaches to language teaching the origins and development of the Communicative Approach, the varieties of communicative methodology and related issues the relationship of CLT to ESP

14 Communicative Approaches to ESP
2. Focus on the learner, the classroom environment and learning theories in a Communicative Approach to ESP First steps in ESP practice: an investigation of communicative curriculum models in ESP, the principles underlying course design, the selection and production of materials the design and implementation of appropriate and effective work plans

15 Language Analysis for Teaching
looks at approaches to grammatical analysis and teaching, and skills and competences involved in teaching grammar focuses on analytic processes with selected grammatical areas

16 Language Analysis for Teaching
examines the relationship between grammar and other levels of analysis – phonology, lexis and discourse examines pedagogic grammar and the application of analytical skills and awareness to classroom practice

17 Communicative Methodology in ESP
implementing courses through a principled approach to ESP methodology design of appropriate materials and activities examine language systems and uses in ESP, relating them to: varieties of academic and occupational communication key ESP process of needs analysis and materials design

18 Communicative Methodology in ESP
compare EFL and ESP methodology explore ESP principles and practice in the teaching of language and skills in a range of ESP contexts

19 E-Learning for ELT Analyse of theoretical approaches and underpinning of online learning Explore the application in the design of online courses and learning environments

20 E-Learning for ELT Focus on teaching and learning activities in an online course setting Examine the relevant skills and competences for e-tutors and e-learners

21 Moving on to the MA in ELT
60% overall on the PG Cert to progress to the MA Four further (15 credit) core units taken over 2 semesters Discourse Analysis Second language Learning World Englishes Research Skills 15,000 word dissertation written over 1 semester

22 Who can apply? Minimum of two years teaching experience
A good BA degree or equivalent in a relevant area for teaching English and ESP

23 Who can apply? A good level in English language
Prospective students with the BC’s DipTESP will be exempt 2 of the core courses

24 Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of the PG Cert in ELT? How much does it cost to continue to the online Masters? Where can I find out more information and how to apply? What does these awards qualify me to do?

25 Frequently Asked Questions
Can I do part of my MA in Southampton? Can I do a Phd in ELT? What is the City of Southampton like?

26 The City of Southampton

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