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Capacity or Volume.

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1 Capacity or Volume

2 Capacity is a measure of volume
The volume of a solid object is the amount of space it takes up If the object is hollow, the volume is the amount of space inside it

3 When you buy liquids like gasoline, the amount that you buy is measured in liters.
A liter of gas costs about $1.00

4 Bath Time This tub will hold about 50 liters of water

5 Small amounts of liquid are measured in milliliters
A teaspoon holds 5 milliliters A cup holds about 250 milliliters 4 cups would make a liter

6 A bottle of water usually contains 750 milliliters
Sometimes it says 75 cl on the bottle. This means 75 centiliters. There are 100 centiliters in a liter.

7 Estimate the capacity of these containers
500 milliliters 250 milliliters

8 Try these … 2 liters 100 liters

9 How about these? 10 milliliters 500 milliliters (half a liter)

10 and finally … 550 ml 5 ml

11 Smoothies are popular How many milliliters of juice do you think this fruit would make?

12 Practice makes perfect
When you pick up a container at home, try and estimate its capacity. Then check to see how accurate your estimation was.

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