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The Circulatory System Let’s get moving on…. Your Transportation System!!

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1 The Circulatory System Let’s get moving on…. Your Transportation System!!

2 Transportation Blood transports materials throughout the body  Oxygen -from lungs/respiratory system to the body cells  Nutrients -from intestines/digestive system to body cells  Heat -waste from cellular respiration to skin/integumentary for release  Waste- like CO 2 from cells to the lungs/respiratory system for expulsion and toxins/urea to kidneys to be filtered out

3 Major Organs of the Circulatory System Heart: cardiac muscle that pumps blood; heart rate controlled by brain There are four chambers in the heart: 2 upper atria (atrium) that receive blood 2 lower ventricles that pump blood

4 So….about how many times does your heart beat?? A minute = 60-80 An hour = 4000 A day = 100,000 A year = 37,000,000 A life time (70 years ) = 2,500,000,000

5 Blood vessels Vascular tissue: veins/arteries/capillaries-the “tubes” or vessels through which the blood flows Veins - carry oxygen depleted blood TO the heart Arteries - carry oxygen rich blood AWAY from the heart the all the cells in the body Capillaries -very thin vessels where materials are transferred from cells into and out of the bloodstream usually through diffusion There are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body…enough blood vessels to stretch around the equator 2.5 times!!

6 Capillaries The smallest blood vessels in the body Links between arteries and veins Capillaries deliver oxygen and nutrients (digested food) to every cell in the body and remove the carbon dioxide and other wastes.

7 Blood Components Red Blood Cell: contain a protein hemoglobin that binds with oxygen and hemoglobin that binds with oxygen and carries it to cells carries it to cells in the body in the body White Blood Cells: leukocytes - fight pathogens (disease causing substances) in the body, different types do different jobs, produce antibodies which are proteins that recognize and attack specific pathogens

8 Platelets: small pieces of cytoplasm that adhere to broken blood vessels and tissues to form a plug to stop bleeding; help clot the blood Plasma: liquid portion of the blood Plasma is 90% water

9 The heart and lung connection……. Blood is pumped from the heart to the ___________ In the lungs, the ____________________ pick up oxygen from the ______________(lungs) The OXYGENATED blood returns to the HEART. The oxygenated blood is pumped to the __________ of the body RED BLOOD CELLS LUNGS ALVEOLI CELLS

10 The cells use the oxygen to carry out ________________________ The waste product of cellular respiration is _____________________ CO 2 diffuses out of the CELLS and into the BLOODSTREAM. CELLULAR RESPIRATION CARBON DIOXIDE The blood is pumped to the heart, from the heart to the lungs, and from the lungs CO2 is expelled from the body. While in the lungs, the blood cells pick up oxygen and start all over again!!!

11 Pathway of Blood through the Heart 1. Oxygen depleted blood from the body enters the right atrium (superior and inferior vena cava) 2. Blood flows into the right ventricle 3. Blood is pumped from the right ventricle to the lungs to drop off CO 2 and pick up oxygen (pulmonary artery) 4. Oxygen rich blood returns to the heart through the left atrium (pulmonary vein) 5. Blood flows into the left ventricle 6. Oxygen rich blood is pumped from the left ventricle through the aorta and out to the body The Pathway of Blood Through the Heart

12 Valves: structures in the heart and veins that open and close to prevent blood from flowing backwards Heart Valves Vein Valves Let’s keep the blood flowing…..

13 Circulatory System fun….

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