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Ca Foscari University of Venice Dorsoduro 3246, 30123 Venice, Italy Website: Tel.: +39 041 234 8111.

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1 Ca Foscari University of Venice Dorsoduro 3246, Venice, Italy Website: Tel.:

2 The city of Venice Venice stretches across 120 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea, in Northeast Italy. Historically known as La Serenissima Repubblica (i.e. the most serene republic), it has an extraordinary historical heritage thanks to its role of cultural and commercial crossroads of Europe for a thousand years. Venice is also a modern town. It is the main city of the Veneto Region, in Northeast Italy, and has a total population of about 270,000 inhabitants: about 60,000 in the historic centre; 180,000 in the mainland, mostly in Mestre and Marghera; 30,000 in the other islands of the lagoon.

3 The location of Venice

4 Useful links City of Venice official site (Comune di Venezia) Marco Polo Venice Airport ACTV Venice Transportation Company Venezia Sì – official booking centre of Venice Hotels Association Venice Connected – Venetian official site for tourism Tourism Board of Venice Biennale of Venice Study in Italy – Italian Higher Education for international students

5 Ca Foscari Palace The main seat of the University is Ca Foscari Palace, the Venetian-Gothic building placed in the largest bend of the Grand Canal. The palace was purchased and renewed by Doge Francesco Foscari in It contains important artistic and architectural works, such as a room with a 16 th century stucco work by the Venetian sculptor Alessandro Vittoria ( ) and a great hall designed by the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa ( ), with two murals by Mario Sironi and Mario de Luigi. Between 2004 and 2006 Ca' Foscari underwent a painstaking restoration programme, which was awarded the prestigious Premio Torta in It is possible to visit the palace with the Ca Foscari Tour Service (

6 Established on August 6 th 1868 as a Royal Business College, Ca Foscari University of Venice was the first educational institution in Italy to offer higher education in business and economics. Nowadays Ca Foscari offers 4 main subject areas of teaching and research activities (Economics, Humanities, Languages and Sciences) and it is the 2 nd Italian university in the 2010 ranking of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), scoring 20,1% more than the year before. Ca Foscari actively participates in the city cultural life, organizing over 400 events every year, collaborating with other prestigious cultural institutions and organizing successful art exhibitions at Ca Foscari Esposizioni, the exhibition space in the main building. Ca Foscari University of Venice

7 Rector, Vice-Rector and Pro-Rectors Rector prof. Carlo Carraro blog: Vice-Rector prof. Stefano Gasparri Pro-Rectors Teaching activities: prof. Agar Brugiavini Research: prof. Ettore Cingano University administration: prof. Ugo Sostero Housing, logistics, energy: prof. Andrea Stocchetti Cultural production and relations: prof. Silvia Burini Media relations: prof. Lorenzo Tomasin Political and business relations: prof. Tino Cortesi

8 Ca Foscari at a glance – 2011/2012 a.y. 4 main scientific-cultural areas: Economics, Humanities, Languages, Sciences 15 First Cycle Degree Programmes 30 Second Cycle Degree Programmes 31 Specialist Masters Programmes 16 Research Doctorates 9 Summer and Autumn Schools 8 Departments, 6 Interdepartmental Schools 1 Learning Centre Library, 4 subject-related Libraries, 7 Departmental Libraries 20,000 students, 4,000 new enrolments per year, 3,300 graduates per year 1,700 professors, lecturers, native language teachers and administrative staff

9 The Economic Area, Ca Foscari original core, draws upon a long tradition in the field of economics and business studies. In addition to general Economics degree programmes, it offers Law, Management, Mathematics and Statistics courses as well as economic degree programmes focused on specific sectors like Tourism. San Giobbe Campus in Venice hosts most of the economic departmental structures, lecture rooms, professors offices and the Library of Economics. The branch site in Treviso offers degree programmes in Economics applied to specific sectors such as Foreign Trade, Statistics and IT in Corporate Management. The Economic Area

10 The Humanistic Area The Humanistic Area offers degree programmes in Literature, History, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts. It also includes educational fields such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Philology, Religious Studies and Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities. The Departments and the Library of Humanities are based in Venice, in Malcanton-Marcorà complex, while most of the lecture rooms lie in San Sebastiano Campus and in the new San Basilio Teaching Centre.

11 The Linguistic Area The Linguistic Area of Ca Foscari University is one of the oldest in Italy. It offers a range of 40 Western and Eastern languages with different curricula opportunities in Literature and Philology, Linguistics, Language Teaching Methodology, History, Art and Culture, Archaeology, Philosophy and Religious Studies. There is also a degree programme in Italian Sign Language (LIS). The main seat lies in San Sebastiano Campus, Venice, while many of the lecture rooms are situated in the new San Basilio Teaching Centre. The branch site in Treviso offers a First Cycle Degree Programme in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation and a Second Cycle Degree Programme in Interpreting and Translation.

12 The Scientific Area was founded in the 1970s with the degree programme in Industrial Chemistry. Chemical studies are now applied to industry, restoration and materials engineering, with a particular focus on nanotechnologies and biotechnologies. The Scientific Area also offers degree programmes in Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Conservation and Restoration Technologies. The scientific Departments are housed in Santa Marta Campus, in Venice. Works continue on the new Via Torino Campus in Mestre, where the degree programme in Computer Science is currently taugth. Numerous research laboratories are situated in Vega Science & Technology Park, in Marghera. The Scientific Area

13 Programmes and Courses First Cycle Degree Programmes (= Bachelor degrees) Second Cycle Degree Programmes (= Masters degrees) 1 st / 2 nd level Specialist Masters Programmes (= continuing and executive education) Research Doctorates (= PhD programmes) Double/joint degrees, English-taught programmes and courses Summer and Autumn Schools, including Ca Foscari - Harvard Summer School Visiting Students Programme – Visiting Professors/Researchers Language courses organized by the University Language Centre (CLA) More information about programmes, courses and how to enrol: _ _ courses – _ students

14 University Departments - Economic Area Department of Economics Website: _ id=82230 Head of Department: prof. Guido Cazzavillan Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Roberta Vianello Tel.: – Fax: _ Department of Management Website: _ id=82459 Head of Department: prof. Giorgio Stefano Bertinetti Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Bruna Mazzon Tel.: – Fax: _

15 University Departments - Humanistic Area Department of Humanities Website: _ id=82515 Head of Department: prof. Paolo Eleuteri Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Patrizia Cavazzani Tel.: – Fax: _ Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage Website: _ id=82448 Head of Department: prof. Luigi Perissinotto Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Francesca Bernardi Tel.: – Fax: _

16 University Departments - Linguistic Area Department of Asian and North African Studies Website: Head of Department: prof. Tiziana Lippiello Tel.: / 9508 – Fax: Department Administrator: Francesca Rossi Tel.: – Fax: Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies Website: _ id=82493 Head of Department: prof. Flavio Gregori Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Maria Cristina Duse Tel.: – Fax: _

17 University Departments - Scientific Area Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics Website: _ id=82470 Head of Department: prof. Michele Bugliesi Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Stefania Quaderni Tel.: – Fax: _ Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems Website: _ id=82481 Head of Department: prof. Salvatore Daniele / Tel.: – Fax: Department Administrator: Sonia Barizza Tel.: – Fax: _

18 Interdepartmental Schools The new 6 Interdepartmental Schools contribuite to plan and organize study and research activities related to interdisciplinary programmes. Two or more Departments participate in each School. School of Asian Studies and Business Management Director: prof. Stefano Micelli School of Cultural Production and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage Director: prof. Martina Frank School of Global Development Director: prof. Monica Billio School of International Relations Director: prof. Rolf Petri School of Social Work and Public Policies Director: prof. Carmela Camardi School of Sustainability of Environmental and Tourism Systems Director: prof. Patrizia Torricelli

19 University Schools Ca Foscari Summer School (CFSS) Director: prof. Alide Cagidemetrio Website: It promotes, manages and coordinates summer/autumn intensive educational activities for both Ca Foscari students and other Italian and international Ca Foscari Challenge School (CFCS) Director: prof. Guido Massimiliano Mantovani Website: [IT] It coordinates continuing education programmes: Specialist Masters Programmes (postgraduate and executive programmes), MBA/DBA and other advanced training Ca Foscari Graduate School Director: prof. Stefano Campostrini Website: [IT] It coordinates Research Doctorates (PhD programmes), covering several fields for which Ca Foscari research and excellence is globally

20 Research at Ca Foscari University Scientific research is carried out through Departments, Interdepartmental Schools, University Centres and Doctoral Schools, which often work together on inter-disciplinary projects. Ca Foscari holds relationships with several associations and institutions through agreements for cooperation in the area of scientific information, teaching and research. The University is a member of various research bodies including the Venice International University – VIU (website: Consorzio Venezia Ricerche and VEGA Science and Technology Park of Research Division (DR) Tel.: Fax:

21 International Ca Foscari Ca Foscari has drawn up over 200 international cooperation agreements with universities from all over the world, with the aim of promoting mobility for education and research. The University actively participates in European programmes for technological research, education and training, with projects involving partner institutions from all continents. Ca Foscari students can choose among many international Double/joint degree programmes and English-taught degree programmes included in the university educational catalogue.

22 University Library Services The University Library Services include subject-related libraries, departmental libraries and a Learning Centre Library for a total of 16 libraries, holding about 1 million books and 4,400 periodicals (subscriptions) and providing access to a wide range of electronic resources. Students can also benefit from the Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery and Bibliographic Research Services. More information:

23 Main University Libraries Library of Economics (BEC) Website: Library of Foreign Languages and Literatures (BALI) Website: Library of Humanities (BAUM) Website: Library of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences (BAS) Website: Learning Centre Library (BSD) Website:

24 Student life Student associations Website: RCF - Ca Foscari web radio Tel.: Gtalk/skype: Website: University Sports Centre (CUS) Tel.: Fax: Website: Shylock - University Theatre Centre (CUT) Tel.: Website:

25 Language and computer facilities University Language Centre (CLA) Language courses and certifications Tel.: / 9717 / 9718 Fax: / Website: Computer facilities Computer workstations, classrooms and labs in the university departments and libraries Ca Foscari Wi-Fi network Website: University Centre for Computer and Telecommunication Services (CSITA) Tel.: / 7171 Fax:

26 Accommodation and restaurant services Housing Office Accommodation for international students, researchers, professors and administrative staff Ca Foscari, Dorsoduro 3246, Venice Tel.: / 8222 / 8250 Fax: Website: _ _ id=87444 ESU Venezia (regional body for student financial aid) University canteens in Venice, Mestre, Portogruaro and Treviso Rio Novo, Dorsoduro 3439/a, Venice Tel.: Fax: Website:

27 1) Main Administrative Services International Relations Office International Cooperation Tel.: / 8054 Fax: Erasmus incoming Tel.: Fax: International Exchanges and buddying programmes Tel.: Fax: Erasmus outgoing Tel.: Fax: Communications and Public Relations Office Communications and Public Relations, Welcome Desk, Ca Foscari Tour, Events Tel.: / 8323 Fax: /

28 2) Main Administrative Services Administrative Services for International Students Guidance Service for International Students Tel.: / 7575 Fax: Enrolment Service for International Students Tel.: / 7575 Fax: – Financial Aid Office Financial Aid Office Tel.: Fax: Administrative Services for Part-Time Students Tel.: Fax:

29 3) Main Administrative Services Guidance and Counselling Office Guidance Service Tel.: / 7575 Fax: Counselling Service Tel.: Fax: Disabled Students Service Tel.: / 7575 Fax:

30 4) Main Administrative Services Internship and Placement Office Internships in Italy Tel.: / 7575 Fax: Internships abroad, LLP/Leonardo and MAE-CRUI Programmes Tel.: / 7575 Fax: – – Placement Tel.: / 7575 Fax:

31 Dorsoduro 3246, Venice, Italy – Website: – Tel.:

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