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European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies Free University.

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2 European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Raffaella Bernardi (

3 European Master Program in LCT 2 What are LCT? LCT are information technologies specialized to deal with the most complex information medium: Natural Language NL involves: Text Speech Knowledge Gesture, Facial Expressions, …

4 European Master Program in LCT 3 Real life application: Speech Recognition & Cross-Language Technologies Speech Recognition and Cross-Language Technologies help communication between speakers of different languages

5 European Master Program in LCT 4 EM in LCT: Teaching Goal & Job Opportunities As the role of computers increases in our daily lives, businesses and industry are seeking experts who can improve the nexus between humans and machines. Hence, we aim at giving students competences in both Language Technologies: formal linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and discourses, speech..), applied linguistics (nlp, corpora, question answering, dialogs, summarization) Computer Science: CS foundations (formal languages and algorithms, programming languages, logic, theory of computing,..), applied CS (digital libraries, semantic web, databases, ontologies) Interdisciplinary curriculum by integrating Faculties of Science and Faculties of Humanities/Linguistics.

6 European Master Program in LCT 5 FUB: Study Plan in LCT Second year: projects in Research Centers (up to 15 ECTS) and courses at partner universities on LT topics: Machine translation, information and knowledge representation, information retrieval, question answering, speech recognition and generation, models of human language processing and understanding, psycholinguistics

7 European Master Program in LCT 6 EM in LCT: Partner Universities 1.Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Czech Republic 2.Centre for Language and Cognition Groningen, Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 3.Copenhagen Business School, Department of Computational Linguistics, Denmark 4.Roskilde University, Faculty of Computer Science, Denmark 5.Saarland University, Faculty of General Linguistics, Department of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics, Germany 6.University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, The Netherlands 7.University Henri Poincaré, France 8.University of Nancy 2, France 9.University of Malta, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 10.Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, The Netherlands

8 European Master Program in LCT 7 Academia-Industry: Strategic Advisory Board Tasks: indicate market directions supervise students during their courses, projects or thesis writing participate in yearly discussions of the study plan help the consortium evaluate the results of quality assessment mechanisms ATILF (Laboratoire d'Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Francaise), Francia CELI, Language and Information Technology, Italia CLS (Centre for Language Studies), Italia DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), Germania IBM (IBM), Danimarca ITC-irst (Center for Scientific and Technological Research), Italia LORIA (Lorraine Laboratory of IT Research and its Applications), Francia ScanSoft (ScanSoft BVBA), Belgio XEROX (Xerox Research Center Europe), Francia

9 European Master Program in LCT 8 Do you want to know more? … Come to the next LCT events! Oct 3rd: getting to know each other meeting with representatives of the research centers (EURAC, ITC-irst, Centre of Language Studies). 17:00-18:00 E411 Oct 18th: tutorial on Question and Answering. Bonnie Webber (University of Edinburgh) Oct 19th: first LCT Colloquium Oct 23rd: Student Symposium If you want to be kept informed on these events: Give me your e-mail now, For further information: Send me an email ( Visit the LCT web pages and keep an eye on the link for current studentsfor current students

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