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Starting System Fundamentals

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1 Starting System Fundamentals
Chapter 32 Page 431

2 Starter Systems

3 The Staring System Solenoid

4 Starter Solenoid Starter Body Over Running Clutch

5 Cutaway View

6 Starter Acts Upon the Flywheel Cranks Over Engine (250-400 rpms)

7 Current wants to turn the shaft
How the Starter Works Magnets produce fields Now the stronger fields Work on the shaft and turns it to the right Current wants to turn the shaft to the right

8 Pole Magnets

9 Starter Magnets

10 Commutation

11 Armature Shaft Drive Gear Eventually Connects Here

12 Solenoid This acts like a heavy duty switch

13 The Electrical Circuit
Neutral Safety Switch will prevent the motor from working. By turning ignition switch The solenoid allows the battery Voltage to the motor terminal This starts the motor turning.

14 Your Job. Complete chapter Questions 1-10 (review) and 1-5 (ASE-style). Page Write on a separate paper and write out the complete question and your answer. ( do not write the other answer options). Complete the chapter worksheet (I will give it out). You may write on it. File all items in your note book. Notebooks will be graded in the future.

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