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InterLibrary Loan Service at Jackson Community College Atkinson Library.

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1 InterLibrary Loan Service at Jackson Community College Atkinson Library

2 InterLibrary Loan: the process of obtaining items for Library users that are not owned by their local Library. a valuable service to students, faculty and researchers.

3 Use this Quick Link to get to Atkinson Library’s homepage.

4 Choose this link to begin your research.

5 There are several excellent databases to choose from in the FirstSearch group.

6 Select a database. The most popular ones are listed first.

7 Make a selection, and click to start searching.

8 Your selected database shows here. Type in your keyword/s and click on the gray Search button.

9 Review your results carefully. Do you have a manageable group? Watch for items in languages other than English. Some items may already be in JCC’s library.

10 You can mark the boxes to make a list of items to consult, or… … you can click on an individual item.

11 Read your results. Your keywords are highlighted. Read the abstract to decide if you need the full text of this article.

12 If you want a copy of this complete article, click the ILL button to begin the request process.

13 The information about your article is displayed here. Fill in the form with the requested information.

14 Please include an email address if possible. You may use this section to include other helpful information about your request.

15 When the form is complete, click here to submit your request.

16 Check to be sure your request was sent successfully.

17 Take some time to familiarize yourself with the features of the InterLibrary Loan service

18 From the Library’s home page, click here to find complete information on the InterLibrary Loan service.



21 If you find items you want to borrow listed in books, articles, or handouts, you may also make non- electronic ILL requests.



24 Please feel free to contact the InterLibrary Loan librarian if you have any questions about the ILL service, or problems using it.

25 ILL Librarian: Marion VanLoo 517-787-0800 x8352

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