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Chapter 11: Lesson 1 EQ: How does geography influence the way people live? The Founding of Rome.

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1 Chapter 11: Lesson 1 EQ: How does geography influence the way people live? The Founding of Rome

2 Vocabulary: Chapter 11: Lesson 1 (Pg. 306) Republic Legion Alps Mountains Apennine Mountains Etruscans Latins

3 Italy Italy is a Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. It is shaped like a boot. The boot points towards the island of Sicily.

4 Two major mountain ranges The Alps Mountains, Europe’s highest mountains, separated the Italian peninsula from the rest of the continent. The Apennine Mountains run north to south along the length of the Italian peninsula

5 How did the Climate help Romans? The region had mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Made it possible for the region to develop a strong agricultural base. Grew wheat, grapes, and olives and build a consistent food supply.

6 Agriculture: Tiber River The growing agricultural system was aided by the nearby Tiber River. The Tiber provided a reliable source of fresh water used for irrigating their farms As well as drinking water for humans and animals.

7 How was the Mediterranean Sea important to Rome? Trade was an important part of life in ancient Rome. Rome developed several trade routes throughout the Mediterranean Sea and established trade with other civilizations. Later, the Roman armies used these same routes to conquer large amounts of territory and expand the empire along the Mediterranean.

8 Activity: Geography Complete the Geography Worksheets 1. Geographic Features 2. Map of Ancient Rome (pg. 304, 314) 3. Advertisement Activity

9 Home Learning Complete the Ancient Greek Packet Chapter 11, Lesson 1 Questions #1-6

10 Legend: Romulus and Remus According to legend, Romulus and Remus were sons of the Roman god, Mars. The historian Livy tells of the brothers’ argument about how to build the city of Rome. Remus made fun of the walls that Romulus built. In the fighting Remus was killed. Romulus became sole ruler and the city is named after him—Rome.

11 Latins (800 B.C. -700 B.C.) years settlement of Rome occurs Latin-speaking people. Settled in the plain of Latium in central Italy. Tended herds and grew crops They founded Rome and became known as the Romans

12 The Greeks in Italy (750 B.C. -500 B.C.) Build colonies in Italy Taught the Romans to grow olives, graves, and to use the Greek alphabet. The Romans copied Greek sculpture styles and art forms.

13 Etruscans (650 BC -550 BC) years they ruled Settled north of Rome in Etruria. Rich miners, artisans, and traders. Conquered Rome in 650 B.C—ruled for 100 years! Taught the Romans to build roads, building, temples, streets, and public squares. Introduced togas and showed the Roman army to be effective. Etruscans established a monarchy.

14 Becoming a Republic Romans overthrew the Etruscan king and established a republic— citizens would now elect its leaders. Over 200 years Rome fought its neighbors—Etruscans, Latins, Greeks. By 267 BC, it had conquered most of Italy.

15 Roman Army Romans were skilled soldiers. Male citizens who owed land had to join the army. Had better way to organize the army. Generals divided army into smaller groups called legions. 6,000 soldiers Further broken into 60- 120 males.

16 Romans built military town where they conquered; then built roads to these towns. Allowed some conquered people to become citizens. Allies could run their own towns but hey had to pay taxes to Rome, fight in the army,. Treated conquered people well—if they rebelled they destroyed them. U

17 Read “Becoming a Republic” (pg.310-11) Draw the diagram. Identify Greek battle strategies and the new Roman battle strategies. Activity #1

18 Activity #2 Read “Becoming a Republic” (pg. 310-311) Compare and contrast the rights and status of Roman citizens with those allies of Rome.

19 Activity: #3 DIRECTIONS: At least 4 major events. Title of Event Explain Event: (3-4 sentences)

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