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4550: “Alternative” Media I Professor Campbell 3/1/05.

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1 4550: “Alternative” Media I Professor Campbell 3/1/05

2 Topics for the Day Packaging Product Placement Public Relations

3 Packaging Packaging is the activities of designing and producing the container and/or wrapper for a product.

4 The Package has up to Three Levels Primary package: –the product’s immediate container Secondary package: –material that protects the primary package and is discarded when the product is about to be used Shipping package: –packaging necessary for storage, identification, or transportation

5 Functions of Packaging Containment and protection Usage Channel cooperation Innovation Segmentation Communication –Stopping power –Identification –Associations (e.g., image)

6 Issues for Package Visibility Degree of shelf impact Impact and recall of specific design elements Distance at which the package can first be identified Angle at which the product can first be identified Speed with which the package can be identified Perceived package size Copy visibility and legibility

7 Issues in Consumer Associations Perceived price point Perceived benefit Typicality Risk

8 Decisions in Packaging Packaging Concept –Define what the package should be or do for the product –Set objectives Choose Packaging Elements –Size –Shape –Materials –Color –Text –Brand elements (logo, slogan, character, etc.)

9 Need to Test Packaging Engineering tests Distributor tests Visual tests –Stopping power –Identification Communication tests –Consumer attitudes

10 Association-Building Activities PR Sponsorships –Sports –Special Event –Cause-Related Corporate Image Advertising By-line Stories Books Celebrity Endorsements Seminars and Symposia Product Placements Awards Event booths and signs

11 Product Placement Including a product or an ad for a product in a movie or TV show As part of a marketer’s marketing communication efforts, product placement is “planned,” and sometimes the marketer pays for the product inclusion

12 Factors in Product Placement Modality –Visual: Appearance on the screen Influenced by number of appearances, style of camera shot, etc. –Auditory/Verbal: Mention in dialogue Influenced by context, frequency, emphasis placed on brand name, etc. Connection (between brand and plot): Degree to which the brand is integrated in the story –Lower doesn’t contribute much to plot or character –Higher a major thematic element, major place in story line, builds the persona of a character

13 Product Placement Effects

14 Advantages

15 Disadvantages

16 Public Relations Any of a variety of programs designed to build awareness and the image of the company or product, generally through non- paid avenues

17 Public Relations The management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an organization with the public interest, and executes a program of action (and communication) to earn public understanding and acceptance. Public Relations News

18 Publicity The generation of news about a person, product, or company that appears in non-paid media.

19 Publicity vs. Public Relations Publicity Short-term strategy Low marketer control Originates from many sources Some positive, some negative Public Relations Long-term strategy Some marketer control Originates from firm Primarily positive

20 The Power of Publicity Highly credible Perceived as more objective Implicit endorsement by the medium Frequency of exposure Word-of-mouth value

21 Target Markets for PR Activities Internal –Employees –Stockholders and investors –Local community members –Suppliers and customers External –Media –Educators –Civic and business organizations –Governments –Financial groups  Customers

22 Press Kits Need to be: –Original –Memorable –Newsworthy –Accurate Can help to: –Ensure accurate coverage Short-term and longer-term –Create longer-lasting impressions –Build relationships with reporters

23 Public Relations/Publicity Advantages

24 Public Relations/Publicity (cont.) Disadvantages –No guarantees/risky –Little control over timing –Little control over continuity –Lack of association –Potential for lack of coordination with “marketing” –Difficult to measure

25 Thought for the Day Public relations is a combination of management and hope Margaret C. Campbell

26 Uses of PR Help the launch of a new (or updated) product/company Assist in repositioning Build up interest in a product category Help sustain current interest Influence decision makers and target groups Build the corporate image and maintain position within industry –establish credibility Defend after problems

27 In Short… Product placement and PR are both planned efforts on the part of the marketer to build awareness and associations through “non-marketing” channels.

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