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Family Orientation 2011 Student Health Services John G. Inman MD Medical Director.

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1 Family Orientation 2011 Student Health Services John G. Inman MD Medical Director

2 Staffing Director of Student Health- Jane Reno-Munro, ANP Medical Director - John G. Inman, MD Associate Medical Director- Meredith Drummond, MD Office Manager- Dottie Minotti Nurse Manager - Brittany Coefield, RN Nurse Staff - All 6 working are Registered Nurses (RNs) Providers- 4 working at a time, typical staffing is: 2 MDs and 2 Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants Page _____ in First book & Page ______ in Family Calendar Check website or call 843 953-5520 with any questions

3 Student Utilization Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, 1:30 - 5:00 pm Busy Facility - 100-125 visits per day Predicted: 100-200 seeking care per day We discourage walk-ins Call for Appointments: Same Days Routine/Follow ups Nurse Visits Call Early for Same Day Appts: Wake up and call at 8:30 am

4 Care After-Hours, Weekends, & Holidays Medical Emergencies: Off Campus call 911 On campus Public Safety @953-5611 If called, Public Safety & Trained Student First Responders will respond and assist students w/ medical concerns. Aid in arranging transport for students in need of ER. Not a sick student taxi service. Both downtown ERs are approx. 4 blocks away on Calhoun Roper Hospital is a large private facility. MUSC is the local Medical University. Many local urgent care & walk-in facilities- Pick up list @SHS

5 Student Health Services Fees Built-in student fee each semester covers care There are no additional charges for the majority of care we deliver. Some expenses can be generated: 1. Indirectly: Lab work- Lab Corp bills patient 2. Directly: SHS vaccines, some injections We have no X-ray, no Pharmacy

6 Health Insurance The College of Charleston does not mandate students have health insurance but we do encourage you to keep your student covered Generally know how your insurance plan covers your dependent when he or she is in college Watch for out of state coverage limitations Supply Insurance cards, Rx cards Consider preregistering them at CVS If you are looking for student insurance coverage, I suggest looking online -

7 Immunization and Health forms Please return health forms and immunization record to Health Services I am personally requesting that a parent accept responsibility for getting this done

8 Immunizations Required : 2 MMRs {measles, mumps, rubella} Polio 4 doses {none given if 18 yr old} Tetanus, within last 10 yrs prefer T-Dap {pertussis booster} Meningitis {Menactra or Menveo} State mandate for College students Option to waive out is on our website

9 Immunizations Recommended: Human Papillomavirus,HPV {Gardasil} 3 shot series {0,1-2,6 mths.} Hepatitis A {Havrix}, 2nd in 6 mths. Varicella, chicken pox {varivax} 2 shots Hepatitis B,3 shot series, most have had this Influenza campaign in the Fall

10 Travel Consultation Service Designed to provide comprehensive travel advice, immunizations, and malaria meds for students traveling abroad. All students are eligible for this service. CofC groups receive country specific information. Encourage students to avoid last minute preparation. Plan 2 months ahead of trip. Vaccines @ cost including Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Polio booster Consider Travel Insurance

11 We can help your student … Establish local care with a specialist. Our nurses can give some injections, continue allergy shots and do lab work under the direction of a hometown MD. Student Health Services doctors limit ADHD care to those students enrolled with the Center for Disability Services. We can help you arrange local care for ADHD. A list of local MDs who will see students for this care is available.

12 Some Final Comments For Counseling and Mental Health needs CASAS, Counseling and Substance Abuse Services is available on campus. College is stressful, help your student plan for difficult times. See Center of Disability Services for school accommendations. If your student wears contacts make sure they have glasses.

13 Confidentiality We have to get permission from students in order to talk to parents about medical conditions. There is no blanket permission. Generally not a problem getting permission but sometimes patience is required.

14 Summary Insurance, Shot record, Health forms Make local plans- cards, MD appts, transport plans, after-hours care Call SHS at 8:30 am, RNs for questions Expenses: some physicals, labs, vaccines Glasses, vaccines, travel insurance SHS located behind Robert Small building, across Calhoun St. from the Treasurer

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