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1 Entergy Louisiana, LLC (South) & Entergy New Orleans, Inc. Proposed Transmission Reliability Projects Entergy Transmission Planning Summit New Orleans,

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1 1 Entergy Louisiana, LLC (South) & Entergy New Orleans, Inc. Proposed Transmission Reliability Projects Entergy Transmission Planning Summit New Orleans, LA July 29, 2008

2 2 ELL-South/ENOI Transmission Reliability Projects DSG: Phase III (Postponed) Improve ASI Capability: Phase II- Panama-Dutch Bayou Phase III- Coly-Vignes Conway-Bagatelle ELL-South Loblolly-Hammond: Build 230kV line SELA Phase #2 Peters Rd-Oakville : Build 230kV line & Station SELA Phase #3 Oakville-Alliance: Build 230kV line & Auto Houma: Install Cap Bank Paterson: Restore 4 breakers

3 3 Paterson: Restore 4 Breakers Scenario: Paterson substation was flooded during Hurricane Katrina resulting in all major transmission equipment being damaged. Prior to Katrina, Paterson 115kV bus terminated four 115kv transmission lines and operated as a hub for the transmission system in the New Orleans area. Presently, the Paterson 115kV bus has been temporarily restored to operate in a split, east / west bus configuration. The east bus is in series with the Chalmette 115kV and the Sherwood Forest 115kV substations. The west bus is in series with the Claiborne 115kV and the Pontchartrain Park 115kV substations. Various single contingencies in the New Orleans area now could result in overloads on portions of this west bus circuit. Recommended Solution: Re-build the Paterson 115kV substation to terminate four 115kV transmission lines from Pontchartrain Park, Sherwood Forest, Chalmette and Claiborne. The bus configuration should be configured in a double bus with shared breaker configuration (breaker and a 1/2). This arrangement will allow for station expansion, including power transformer additions and potentially the addition of a 230/115kV auto transformer as system conditions dictate. Proposed In-Service Date: 2008 Estimated Cost: $3 MM ENOI

4 4 Paterson: Restore 4 Circuit Breakers Restore Breakers

5 5 Houma: Install Capacitor Bank Scenario: This project was identified as required as part of a transmission service request Recommended Solution: Install a 40MVAr capacitor bank at Houma 115kV substation. Proposed In-Service Date: 2008 Estimated Cost: $850 k ELL-South

6 6 Houma: Install Capacitor Bank Install Cap Bank

7 7 Loblolly-Hammond: Construct 230 kV Substation and Line Scenario: Entergy’s transmission system north of Lake Pontchartrain is primarily supported from the ELL 230kV system between Willow Glen and Waterford. –Loss of the Franklin-McKnight 500kV line, or certain other transmission contingencies, result in overloads to occur on the underlying transmission system, primarily on the Gypsy-Madisonville 230kV line. –Adding another 230kV source from a location north of Willow Glen reduces loading on the existing system and improves load serving capability north of Lake Pontchartrain and into south Mississippi. Recommended Solution: Construct 230 kV line from Loblolly to Hammond using existing Coly–Hammond 69 kV line (constructed for 230kV). Proposed In-Service Date: 2012 Estimated Cost: $75 MM ELL-South

8 8 McKnight To Franklin To SOCO’s Plant Daniel To Coly To Fancy Point Loblolly Loblolly-Hammond: Build 230 kV Line Construct new 230kV line ELL-South / EGSI-LA Coly

9 9 Scenario: When generation in the Amite South area is low, loss of the Waterford–Willow Glen 500 kV line is the most severe contingency that establishes the Amite South Import (ASI) capability. The ASI capability improved to approximately 2,450 MW upon completion of Phase 1 of the ASI Improvement Plan (Conway-Panama) in 2005. Phase 2 (Panama-Dutch Bayou) and Phase 3 (Coly-Vignes, Conway-Bagatelle) were expected to provide economic benefits and were to be completed by 2007 prior to Hurricane Katrina. Post Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent loss of load within southeast LA, Phases 2 and 3 were determined to be needed for reliability by 2015 or by 2010 for economics. Based on the 2006 Transmission Study, Entergy determined that accelerating Phases 2 & 3 could yield economic benefits sufficient enough to advance the in-service dates to earlier than 2010. Recommended Solution: Construction of Phases 2 & 3. Proposed In-Service Date: 2009 (Phases 2 & 3) Estimated Project Costs: Phase 2: $38 MM Phase 3: $20 MM ASI Improvement Plan - Phases 2 & 3 ELL-South / EGSI-LA

10 10 Panama ELL-South ASI Improvement Plan - Phase 2 Build 230kV line

11 11 Coly Vignes Panama ELL-South / EGSI-LA ASI Improvement Plan - Phase 3 Upgrade 230kV line

12 12 Scenario: The primary transmission sources to lower Lafourche, Lower Jefferson, and Plaquemines Parishes are the Ninemile and Valentine substations. Although lower Plaquemines Parish experienced heavy damage during Hurricane Katrina, it is expected that oil refining and pumping facilities in the area will be restored. Additionally, upper Plaquemines Parish, including Belle Chasse and the Naval Air Support facility, is experiencing growth. For the contingency loss of the Ninemile-Barataria 115kV or the Valentine-Clovelly 115kV lines, potential low voltages and line overloads exists. Recommended Solution: Peters Road-Oakville 230kV –Build a new 230kV substation at Oakville and a new radial 230kV line from Peters Road to Oakville Substation. –Proposed In-Service Date: 2010 –Estimated Cost: $21.3 MM Oakville-Alliance 230 kV –Construct a new 230kV transmission line from Oakville substation to Alliance substation. Add a 150MVA 230/115kV auto at Alliance substation. This project also provides support for the Fourchon area. –Proposed In-Service Date: 2010 –Estimated Cost: $35 MM Southeast Louisiana Coastal Improvement Plan: Construct New Peters Road-Oakville-Alliance 230 kV Line ELL-South

13 13 ELL-South Peters Road-Oakville 230kV: Build new line and substation Oakville-Alliance 230 kV: Build new line Build 230kV Line & Auto Peters Rd. Oakville Build 230kV Line & Auto Build 230kV Line & Sub

14 14 ELL-South and ENOI Identified Target Areas Beyond 2011 Paterson: Install 230/115kV auto Belle Point – Little Gypsy: Reconductor 230kV Line DSG: Phase III Napoleonville – Add capacitor bank

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