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Tinonee Manning River (n.d.). Source: Midcoast Property Central.

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1 Tinonee Manning River (n.d.). Source: Midcoast Property Central.

2 Audience Tourists Mature age group Young families Day-trippers (more than holiday makers) To attract this audience the site needs to present an image of a friendly, historic and engaging village with “more to it than meets the eye”.

3 Goals 1.To promote Tinonee as a good place for tourists to visit 2.To advertise some of the local businesses 3.To encourage an appreciation for the historical, cultural and artistic attractions of my home town 4.To reveal some of the hidden treasures of Tinonee that are not apparent at first sight

4 Site Map Home Attractions Food Accommodation Links External pages

5 All Pages - Content Banner Navigation bar Return to top link Background image Favicon

6 All Pages - Layout Banner at the top of the page Navigation bar below it. At the very bottom of the page is a link to take the visitor back to the top of the page. The page has a background image that is a gradient from pale yellow to pale blue. A favicon is in the address bar of the browser.

7 All Pages - Function The banner is so that people can identify the site. The navigation bar makes it easier to navigate the site. The return to top link makes it quicker for people to get to the top of the site. The background image makes the site more visually pleasing. The favicon helps visitors identify the site easier when multiple tabs are opened (browser dependent).

8 Home Page - Content Heading Bullet list Image Map image Graphical links Fonts

9 Home Page - Layout Heading at the start of the first section and also at the start of the second section. Bullet list just after the first paragraph with an image to the right side of it. Map half way down the page just before the second section. Links near the bottom of the page linking to the other pages in the website.

10 Home Page - Function Headings introduce each section. The list shows some of the history of Tinonee. The image makes it more visually pleasing. The map shows visitors where Tinonee is. Links give a summary of all other pages, so that visitors know what the site is about. The banner, headings and body text all use different fonts.

11 Attractions Page - Content Headings Table Images Links Map image

12 Attractions Page - Layout Heading at top of the page Headings for each individual attraction Invisible table used to format the page Image of each attraction Links to the map Map image of the streets of Tinonee Link to larger Google map

13 Attractions Page - Function Headings introduce the page and name each attraction The table aligns each attraction’s image with its description Images of each attraction show the visitor what they look like The map of Tinonee enables visitors to see where most of the attractions are Link to larger Google map enables people to use the enhanced maps provided by Google

14 Food Page – Content Headings Tables Images

15 Food Page - Layout Heading at the top of the page and also for each individual business/location Invisible tables in each section for formatting the page Images for each business/location

16 Food Page - Function Heading introduces the page and also names each location A table is used in both sections to format the sections into two columns each The images show visitors what the businesses/locations look like

17 Accommodation Page - Content Headings Table Table header Links Photos

18 Accommodation Page - Layout Heading at the top of the page Table header at the top of the table Table with five columns Link in each row of the table Photo in each row of the table

19 Accommodation Page - Function Heading introduces the page The table header shows what each column in the table represents The table formats the list of businesses into an easily readable format Links to the websites of each business Photo of each business, showing what it looks like

20 Links Page - Content Headings Links

21 Links Page - Layout Heading for each section External links in each section

22 Links Page - Function Headings name each section External links provide visitors with more resources about Tinonee and XHTML

23 Reference List Manning River [Online Image]. (n.d.) Retrieved April 30 th, 2009, from Midcoast Property Central. ates.php?page=details&id=ROSE

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