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Prospective Student Login Current Process.

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1 Prospective Student Login Current Process


3 If submitted by a prospect who has not previously registered…

4 If submitted by a prospect who has previously registered…




8 Prospective Student Login Proposed Process

9 Please register or log in. To view [insert description of destination page here], please register or sign in below. If accessing Clearly Carleton: “To view our invitation-only site for prospective students…” If accessing Application Status: “To view the status of your application to Carleton College…” New? Please register. If this is your first visit, you’ll need to create a prospective student account. Please enter your PIN, first name, and last name as they appear in the information we sent to you: PIN* First Name* Last Name* Returning? Please log in. If you’ve registered with us before, please log in here: Your Carleton Username* Password* Forgot your username or password? Click here to request a reminder. Register Log In

10 Choose a Carleton username:* Must be 5 characters or longer Choose a password:* Confirm your password:* Please choose a username and password You’ll use this information to log in on return visits to our Clearly Carleton site for prospective students, or to check the status of your application to Carleton. Confirm your personal information. Please take a moment to confirm that your information is correct in our records.

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