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MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework: Status and Directions January 8, 2003 John R. Smith Pervasive Media Management Group IBM T. J. Watson Research Center 19.

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1 MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework: Status and Directions January 8, 2003 John R. Smith Pervasive Media Management Group IBM T. J. Watson Research Center 19 Skyline Drive Hawthorne, NY 10532 USA

2 MPEG-21 Framework: Rich Media “ Transactions of Digital Items” Digital Items: Users and participants in the content value chain seamlessly exchange content in form of “digital items” across networks and devices Framework supports all forms of electronic content/intellectual property (video, music, learning objects, on-line reports, etc.) Digital Item = bundling of: –Essence (i.e., media resources) –Metadata –Rights expressions –Identifiers Example: Music package

3 MPEG-21 Standard Framework “Interoperable Multimedia Framework” “E-Commerce for E- Content” “Digital Audio-Visual Framework” Vision: “To enable transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices.” Goal: Integration of technologies for content identification and consumption Output: ISO technical report and technical specification (International Standard in 2003)

4 MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework Standard Parts MPEG-21 Part Current Status Completion Date Multimedia Framework (Technical Report) TRSept. 2001 Digital Item DeclarationISMay 2002 Digital Item IdentificationISSept. 2002 Intellectual Property Management & Protection (IPMP) CDMay 2002 Rights Expression LanguageFCDSept. 2003 Rights Data DictionaryFCDSept. 2003 Digital Item AdaptationCD Dec. 2003

5 MPEG-21 Standard Elements Digital Item Declaration: –Specifies an XML Schema-based language for declaring digital items, which are packages of media resources and metadata. –A digital item is the fundamental unit of transaction in the MPEG-21 multimedia framework. –The important concepts of Digital Item Declaration are as follows: Container – groups items and/or containers to form logical packages for transaction or distribution Item – corresponds to a group or choice of sub-items or components that forms a work or compilation Descriptor – associates metadata, i.e., MPEG-7, or descriptions with elements within the digital item, such as items, components, and so forth. Resource – corresponds to an identifiable media resource i.e., image, video, audio, or other media asset

6 MPEG-21 Part 1: Digital Item Declaration (DID) Digital Item: –Unit of distribution & transaction in multimedia framework –Structured digital objects, including a standard representation and identification, and meta-data –Container + nesting of items Examples: –CD package with music + video + graphics –Photo album

7 Digital Item Declaration <mpeg7:DescriptionUnit xsi:type="CreationInformationType"> Musical package Music package (one song plus two photos)

8 MPEG-21 Standard Elements Digital Item Identification: –Specifies an identifier naming and resolution system that allows digital items and their parts to be uniquely identified. –The identifications can be embedded within a digital item declaration and associated with the item, a component or sub-item in order to uniquely identify the item, its resource, or description schemes. –MPEG-21 does not specify any new identification systems but standardizes the syntax of the reference to identifiers within other systems and standardizes the identification resolution process. –Examples of identification systems that may be used include: cIDF, DOI, EAN/UCC, ISAN, ISBN, ISSN, etc.

9 MPEG-21 Part 2: Digital Item Identification (DII) Unique Identification: –URIs –I.e., mpeg:mpeg21:dii d:sss:nnn –Registration Authority for maintaining list of ID schemes Description: –

10 MPEG-21 Part 4: MPEG-21 IPMP Terminal Architecture (Draft) Parsers: –DID –REL –IPMP Interface to MPEG-21 Terminal Interface Media Resource Access Tools MPEG-21 Terminal Message Interface DID Parser REL Parser IPMP Parser Future Tools (TBD) IPMP Tool(s) DID Intellectual Property Management & Protection (IPMP): –Standardized ways of retrieving IPMP tools from remote locations, exchanging messages between IPMP tools and between these tools and the terminal. –Addresses authentication of IPMP tools

11 MPEG-21 Standard Elements Rights Expression Language: –Specifies a language for declaring rights and permissions associated with use of digital items. The rights expressions use terms as defined in the Rights Data Dictionary. Rights Data Dictionary: –Specifies a model and dictionary for clearly and consistently defining terms for use in rights expressions. Digital Item Adaptation: –Specifies specifies an XML Schema-based language for describing media resource adaptability, user environment, and others.

12 MPEG-21 Part 5: MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language (REL) Rights Expression Language –Machine-readable language that can declare rights and permissions using the terms as defined in the Rights Data Dictionary XrML used as initial basis for REL Rights authorization: –Is PRINCIPAL authorized to exercise RIGHT against RESOURCE?

13 MPEG-21 Part 5: Rights Expression Language (XrML Core Schema) License Title Resource Issuer Grant forAll Right Delegation Control Principal Digital work, digital resource, service (wsdl, uddi) Backup, copy, delete, edit, play, print, … Keyholder Credentials Watermark Track query Time period Prerequisite Conditions Issue, obtain, revoke

14 Authorization using MPEG-21 REL “Can Alice play the.mp3 file?” “Under what condition?” “According to whom?” 1 2 3 MPEG-21 User

15 MPEG-21 REL Engine Interfaces REL Engine “Current time is 2001-12-23T01:30:00” “anyone can play mySong.mp3 in 2001”, UMG says. Authorization Query Authorization Response Context Information “Can Alice play mySong.mp3?” “Yes, according to UMG.” MPEG-21 REL Licenses A3 A1 A2 B B = f(A1,A2,A3)

16 DIGITAL ITEM ADAPTATION ENGINE MPEG-21 Digital Item Declaration MPEG-21 Usage Environment Description Media Resource Adaptability Rights Expression Adaptation Rights Resource MPEG-7 Adaptability MPEG-7 User Preferences, etc. MPEG-7 & MPEG-21 Controlled Term Lists / Classification Schemes User Query DIA MPEG-7 LEGEND MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation

17 MPEG-21 DIA Adaptation Engine Adaptation Engine (DIA) Input Digital Item (CDI) Digital Item (UED) Output Digital Item (CDI) A B1 A’ Bn Digital Item (BSDL) … Context Digital Items (XDI) Digital Item

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