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Business Plans Marketing

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1 Business Plans Marketing
3 April Business Plans Marketing

2 Business Plan Title Page Executive Summary Industry Analysis
Customer Analysis Competitor Analysis Company and Product Description Marketing Plan Development & Operations Plans Team Critical Risks Financial Plan

3 Title Page Company name and logo Tagline Contact Date (Controls)
Just Do It! Others that have survived? Contact Date (Controls)

4 Executive Summary Write it last Tell the story Excite the reader
Elaborate your tag line

5 Industry Analysis 3 Ms What’s hot? What’s not?
Market demand Market size Market analysis What’s hot? What’s not? What is happening in the market in general Is it a growing? Local market conditions

6 Customer Analysis Who is your customer? How does this customer behave?
The more specific the better How does this customer behave?

7 Competitor Analysis Who are they? How do you position yourself?
BROAD view of your competitors Related businesses Businesses or behaviors that eliminate your market Free alternatives

8 Company and Product Description
How you are organized What you have accomplished Product or service description Customer value proposition What differentiates it from others? Growth plan How do you start? Where do you grow from here?

9 Marketing Plan Target Market and Product Strategy Service Strategy
Pricing Strategy Distribution Strategy Advertising and Promotion Sales Strategy

10 Marketing Marketing vs. sales Focus groups
Marketing: advertising, promotions Public relations and publicity Sales Focus groups

11 Target Market & Product Strategy
Dimensions on which you need to sell What dimensions do people buying a car consider? What dimensions will your customer deliver? Relate to your competitors Are you more focused or more general? Are you going for atmosphere or bare bones? Justification of your assessment

12 Service Strategy Physical product Software Customer support Warranty
Upgrades Customer support

13 Pricing Strategy Two models Goal is not to lose money Cost-plus
Much harder to evaluate Market-demand Look at current market and determine where you should fall (above, average or below) Goal is not to lose money

14 Distribution Strategy
Options Mail Trucking Delivery Pick-up Consider Weight Fragility Set up Where your customers are

15 Advertising and Promotion
How will you reach your target group? Advertising Television Radio Newspapers Magazines Internet Grass Roots Flyers Press Publicity

16 Sales Strategy Who will sell for you? Sales and Marketing Forecasts
Dedicated sales force Other stores Internet Sales and Marketing Forecasts Comparable – derive from competitors Build up – based on what you expect to sell, profit per unit, sales per day, …

17 Development & Operations Plans
What needs to be done before you’re “in business” Operations Ongoing activity Cash flow: it’s possible to fail even with sales Outsourcing: control your competitive advantage

18 Operations Plan Ongoing activity Cash flow
It’s possible to fail even with sales What you will do yourself and what will you outsource Control your competitive advantage

19 Team: Company As important as the idea
If your life depended on a particular piece of software, what would you want to know about it? Writer “highly intelligent and possessed by an extremely rigorous, almost fanatical desire to make their program work the way it should.” Bollinger (2001) Compensation

20 Team: Advisory Board Mentoring Formal or informal
Real board of directors Personal board of directors People with different skills People with influence Co-opt people that you need

21 Critical Risks Creates credibility Include Typical risks
Critical assumptions Factors that need to happen for success Typical risks Market Competitors Development cost Operating expenses Financing

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