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Support for programme and project development: JASPERS and ELENA Ralf Goldmann EMA network Meeting 16.-17.03.2015.

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1 Support for programme and project development: JASPERS and ELENA Ralf Goldmann EMA network Meeting 16.-17.03.2015

2 JASPERS JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) A technical assistance partnership to prepare major projects between DG REGIO, EIB, EBRD JASPERS is an additional technical assistance resource for the Member States Value added: drawing on the experience and expertise of the EIB, the EBRD in a more structured and coordinated way For adminstrative purposes, JASPERS is a Unit within the EIB, and though « separate » from the lending activities of EIB, will coordinate closely and draw on Sectoral Expertise/Country Experience of PJ, Ops and other EIB Services.

3 Activities of JASPERS 1.JASPERS provides technical expertise for any stage of the project cycle from the early stages of project conception through to the final application for EU funding. 2.JASPERS’ assistance may cover technical, economic and financial aspects and any other preparatory work needed to deliver a fully developed and sound project. 3.Objective: to ensure high quality project applications with a view to rapid approval by the Commission. 4.Capacity building 5.IQR

4 Activities of JASPERS JASPERS concentrates its activities in major projects : JASPERS priorities are : large projects supported by the Cohesion Fund and the ERDF (to be intepreted flexibly in the smaller MS) other Cohesion Fund projects other ERDF projects JASPERS eligible sectors for assistance: energy, solid waste, roads, rail, public transport, water supply, waste water treatment, knowledge economy, tourism,

5 Main Horizontal Issues PPP+grant blending approaches Support with state aid in new sectors Structuring projects in new sectors (eg. power, energy efficiency, renewables, urban transport, flood protection, rolling stock) Grouping small projects (eg. energy efficiency, water) Guidance on new Regulations (eg. eligibility, revenue generating projects, grant rate calculation)

6 JASPERS: free and voluntarily JASPERS assistance will be provided free of charge to the beneficiary There will be no obligation on the Member States to use JASPERS There will be no obligation on a Member State which benefits from JASPERS to borrow from the EIB or the EBRD There will no obligation on the EIB or the EBRD to lend to projects prepared using JASPERS There will be no exclusion of EIB or EBRD lending to projects benefiting from JASPERS

7 JASPERS Activities 7

8 88 Sample JASPERS assignments Energy related assignments in JASPERS Action Plans: - Gas transmission pipelines in Poland - Underground gas storage in Poland - LNG terminal in Poland - Power interconnection Poland-Lithuania - Power interconnection Romania-Serbia - Gas pipeline Bulgaria-Serbia - Energy Strategy Malta Relevant issues: - Environmental permits - State aid - Legal / Institutional aspects

9 9 Energy efficiency related assignments in JASPERS Action Plans: Energy distribution networks (PL) District heating (RO) EE applications guidelines (RO, BG) Market study for an EE fund (HU) Thermal rehabilitation in public and private buildings (RO) Sample JASPERS assignments

10 10

11 11 The ELENA Facility

12 European Investment Bank Provision of Technical assistance EC-EIB cooperation to support local and regional authorities to reach 20-20-20 targets; Grant facility: managed by EIB; funded by EU budget (CIP/IEE programme). Application to Energy Efficiency; local renewables; clean transport. Market replication focus; Minimum investment leverage required Budget 2009 - 2013: 93 Mio € (allocations can be made until end 2015) Budget 2015: 15 Mio € European Local ENergy Assistance -- ELENA

13 ELENA (Project Development Services) Eligible activities Additional Feasibility studies Additional technical staff Technical studies Procurement/tendering Financial structuring

14 First Results Facility operational since January 2010 38 projects signed/approved for a total of EUR 69 million Supported Investment programmes around EUR 3.7 billion Further projects in the pipeline or under approval with the EC.

15 Energy Efficiency in the Province of Milan Problem Large EE potential in public buildings but budget constrained municipalities with a lack of technical capacity to develop a flow of projects. Solution adopt energy performance contracting aggregate projects coordinate at Province level; standardise contracts Programme: Refurbishment of existing school buildings in some 30 to 40 municipalities. Implementation by ESCOs who pay the investments costs and guarantee energy savings (around 20%); serve debt through energy savings. Finance provided by local Banks, supported by EIB loan (EUR 65 million). Technical Assistance provided by the EIB- ELENA facility

16 For more information…

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