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LHC LHC Performance Workshop – Chamonix 2014 Marzia Bernardini, EN-MEF.

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1 LS2 @ LHC LHC Performance Workshop – Chamonix 2014 Marzia Bernardini, EN-MEF

2 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Summary Introduction Methodology Activities from Projects during LS2 in LHC Maintenance Consolidations and other activities Preliminary schedule Conclusion 2 “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

3 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. What about LS2? The LS2 project include the activities across the LHC, Injectors and LHC experiments: Resources levelling across the accelerators  one of the main challenge of LS2 !!! The activities will be declared in Plan, with a similar approval process as LS1. Practical issues: Temporary storage areas and “bases de chantier” will be installed at the earliest 6 months before, and dismounted at the latest 6 months after LS2; Buffer zone availability: most probably the existing areas are not sufficient; In this presentation  LS2 @ LHC 3

4 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Project Leaders and Coordinators: Hi-Lumi Accelerators Consolidation Project LS2 @ LHC: how to find out what should be done? Maintenance Other activities, not yet assigned Group Leaders: TE, EN, IT, GS part of information already available; part will be discovered during Run2! 4 Activities related to PROJECTS

5 Main projects 5 “ Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford.

6 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Accelerator consolidation Project: - Baseline being reviewed – No official baseline for the moment Main projects for LHC, during LS2 HiLumi LHC: -P2  11T dipoles and new collimator ( TE-MSC and BE- ABP) -Installation in the Dispersion suppressor Region; -Replacement of 8T Dipole with 2 Dipoles 11T and a warm collimator -P4  TE-CRG -Debottleneck the cold power and increase the redundancy; -First durations 8 months work + 3 months commissioning. -P7  SC link (TE-MSC) -Displacing EPC and DFB in the adjacent TZ tunnel via SC links, to protect PC from Radiation Issues 6

7 Maintenance 7

8 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Maintenance: TE TE-CRG: Main maintenance of compressors: Currently 12 months, being discussed the possibility to reduce to 8 months  critical path ! TE-VSC Maintenance on all the vacuum pumps, valves and instrumentation; Beam gas injection system in LSS4; Remote reconditioning of NEG cartridge across the ring; Exchange of ion Pumps at MKBs; Corrective maintenance on defective PIMs; Leak test: not maintenance but operational activity. TE-EPC Corrective and preventive maintenance: brainstorming in 2017 to define the activities of LS2; Maintenance on all the equipment, according to the experience of run 2; Replacement of Power Converters in RRs. Before LS2 – during EYETS in 2016: Upgrade of the control system (FGC-lite) on 60A. TE-MPE Maintenance of all the system: Energy Extraction, QPS, …. ELQA: not maintenance but operational activity 8

9 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Maintenance: EN EN-CV: Regular maintenance of the ventilation system in surface and underground; Special maintenance of UW, SU and SF; Maintenance of rotating machine: engines of pumps, ventilators… What was done during LS1, to be repeated during LS2: Révision mécanique des ensemble moteurs pompes et motos ventilateurs (20.000 heures de fonctionnement). Nettoyage mécanique d’échangeur de chaleur (+ éventuel nettoyage chimique) Remplacement d’organes ayant une durée de vie limitée comme les compensateurs, les manchettes de vannes et les membranes sur les clapets anti-retour (hydrostop) Remplacement des dessicants sur les sécheurs d’air comprimé Révision des tableaux Hazemeyer Remplacement de morceaux ou de la totalité de packing de tours Remplacement de vannes batardeau sur les tours de refroidissement 9

10 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Maintenance: EN EN-EL 400kV and 66kV Maintenance: Max power during SD = 60 MW Duration ~ 8 wks All LHC Points: Preventive and corrective maintenance ; 1 week per point 10

11 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Maintenance: EN EN-STI: Maintenance or replacement of collimators in LHC collimation points, according to the performances during Run 2: Several collimators will be more than 10 years old in LS2! Dismounting to ease operation and co-activities in the collimation points, according to the need from other groups. Possibility to act on the IR7 dispersion suppressors: in case of unexpected problems with the proton cleaning; NOT in the baseline for the moment. 11

12 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. IT-CS Replacement of the actual radiating cable and on the whole LHC machine (Tetra inside): to prevent the deterioration of the internal insulation. Computing Center - Routers to be replaced due to obsolescence: Impact on Technical network and General services Network. Maintenance: IT and GS 12 GS-ASE Maintenance DI, ODH, access system and evacuation (surface and underground); Tests: siren, ODH flashes,…

13 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Maintenance 13 …but also RF, Kickers, Beam Instrumentation, Controls, ….

14 Other consolidations 14

15 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. TE-CRG Heat exchangers of Inner Triplets @ P1 and P5: to increase the capability of heat extraction due to the increased beam parameters (MSC & CRG) HW limitation before HL-LHC; Alara procedure to be applied, to evaluate the need to implement this during LS2. Quench line consolidation: mechanical consolidation of the supports, in case of a major quench. Redundancy on the LHC warm compressor: to decrease the MTTR from 1week to 1day. LHe: existing storage equipped with small liquefier: To reduce the Helium external storage from 90t to 30t (QRL consolidation on bellows) No NCs left in the machine after LS1 Minor replacement wrt LS1 15

16 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. TE-VSC Turbo pumps of LSS cryostats - replacement Turbo pumps of arcs & QRL : replacement & installation of long cables: Turbo controller moved to REs. Major cabling campaigns. Consolidation activities around the ring: Valves & pressure gauges; ageing Elastomer joints (O-ring) on W bellows and magnet feet: Reliability vs radiation doses - action plan TBD. Large capacity primary pumps, replaced by dry technology pumps; Defective PIMs to be replaced; Consolidation of Beam Vacuum Local Pumping system in LSS3 and LSS7. 16

17 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. TE-MSC Replacement of about 15 Magnets: Time needed: about 3 months per magnet ( not including Warm-up and Cool-down ) In Sector 3-4: at least 4 magnets to be replaced (3 SSS and 1 Dipole) Warm magnets: Radiation resistant coil for MQW & MBW: installation of protective screen to protect the coil from radiation, at Point 3 and Point 7. About 35 units to be modified Preparation for LS3 to ease dismantling and installation of IT 17 LS1: 8 Cryodipoles replaced

18 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. TE-MPE Replacement and upgrade of all the DYPQ racks: Quadrupole circuit; On the whole LHC; To increase in reliability and reduce the downtime; Support needed from EN-HE; Need surface storage. Upgrade of the BIS, which includes 17 controllers, in LHC and Experiments : Replacement of ALL the electronics, which is obsolete; Mostly on Surface; Heavy commissioning and starting phase. 18

19 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. EN-CV Renewal of: Compressed air plant for LHC; HVAC warm water for underground ventilation in LHC; Fire fighting water pipeline for surface Points; Relocation and replacement of: Air Handling Units of the TU; Packing of the cooling towers …other activities according to the performances during Run2.  The related networks will be out of services during the consolidation and maintenance activities. 19

20 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. EN-STI Under the Collimation-Project, in collaboration with BE-ABP: Studies in progress about the possibility to maximise the replacement of collimators during LS2: P7: upgrade of secondary collimators, in view of HL-LHC, following ALARA principles; P1 and P5: consider improvement of tertiary collimators that are exposed to asynchronous dump (possible need to redesign). Support from: TE-VSC, EN-EL, EN-CV, EN-MME. Add (or replace) during LS2 also 12 TCDIs in the transfer lines: Need of increased robustness and attenuation for the use with LIU beams. Need to develop ALARA procedures. 20

21 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. EN-EL Global consolidation activities, which will impact the LHC machine (NET2025) Jura Station consolidation: ME9, SPS, Meyrin Machine network consolidation (HV, LV)  6 months min. Secours network must be renovated during RUN2 to be fully operational for LS2 ! The Autotransfert system will be out of service during the consolidation of Jura station. No supply from SIG, for CERN Not at the same time that 66kV maintenance Additional CERN station 400/66 kV near Bois Tollot [CERN 2 400kV _220MVA] New compensation on Meyrin Machine network (TE/EPC) Automatism of control and regulation consolidation for Diesel LHC Partial replacement of 18 kV protection relays and 48VDC systems on LHC surface  Very tight and heavy schedule  on the critical path!!! Studies in progress to optimize the activities 21

22 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. EN-EL and EN-HE EN-EL Replacement of 45% of the ducts of the WCC at Points 1, 2, 5 and 7; 55% already replaced during LS1 Optical Fibbers for LHCb  Copper cabling (CTRL, DC) and optical fibbers requests  at least 1y before LS2  Keep EL-CF informed since the early phases of new projects requiring cabling. 22 EN-HE Replacement of all the LHC lifts (except PM18 and PM32); 3 months per lift: PM15, PM25, PZ33, PZ45, PM56, PM65, PM76. PX24, PM54, PZ85 and PM85 will be replaced during the YETS and EYETS before LS2; PX15 will be replaced after LS2; PM15 and PM54 Temporary lifts (Alimack) will be available during the replacement, capacity under investigation; PM18 and PM32 will be electrically refurbished before LS2.

23 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. IT-CS and GS-ASE IT-CS Installation of a 2 nd new radiating cable on the whole LHC machine: To increase the transmission rate with 4G+: Download up to 100 Mbps Access constraints related to logistic. No Wi-Fi available during LS2, but 4G+  validate the compatibility with users devices, before LS2. 23 GS-ASE Alarm transmission Consolidation: installation of anti fire cable; LHC access system evolutions and upgrade Refurbishment of the access point in SZ6 (PZ65) to support PM65 lift replacement ; Follow-up and implementation of the recommendation of the Helium Spill WG.

24 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. 20182019 Proposal of First Draft skeleton Depending on the cool down and warm up sequence Windows available for activities  Between 9 and 13 Months WARM UP and TESTS Lift replacement CRYO Maintenance Magnets replacement Other activities… Cool Down @ P7 HL activities @ P2, P4 and TZ76 HL activities @ LSS7 COOL DOWN, TESTS and HWC July '18Aug. '18Sept. '18Oct. '18Nov. '18Dec. '18Jan. '19Feb. '19March '19April '19May '19June '19July '19Aug. '19Sept. '19Oct. '19Nov. '19Dec. '19 24 ELECTRICAL Maintenance & Consolidation

25 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Conclusions LS2 is a shutdown mainly dedicated to Injectors...but in the LHC and its Experiments, Maintenance and Consolidation are important. LS2 is a good opportunity, for LHC, to prepare LS3: Anticipating as much as possible activities for LS3 (in particular HL-LHC); Focusing on RP Issues and ALARA procedures. Support activities will also be a challenge for support groups (HE, EL, CV, VSC, MME…) and coordination (MEF, Experiments TC). LS2 activities should not compromise LS3 preparation. Resources optimisation across the Accelerators and Experiments will be a key point! 25

26 Marzia Bernardini – Chamonix 2014, 25 th Sept. Conclusions “…While sustainability requires science, science requires people: people to do science, people to support science, and people to understand the nature of science. That’s where flagship projects like the LHC are so important. Not only do they give us valuable new knowledge, they also inspire people of all generations, helping to develop an appreciation of the nature and value of science, while encouraging the young to pursue scientific careers… ….We all benefit from sharing expertise, as the experiments at the LHC clearly demonstrate. They share knowledge while simultaneously competing strongly to get the result. After all, it is the result that counts and that benefits us all !!!” Rolf Heuer 26


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