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L. Tavian, TE/CRG, 12.09.2013 Page 2 12 th September 2013 Accelerator Consolidation Workshop L. Tavian, TE-CRG.

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2 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 2 12 th September 2013 Accelerator Consolidation Workshop L. Tavian, TE-CRG

3 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 3 Content Status of the present approved consolidation program Additional consolidation proposals for: LHC machine AD North Area (NA) (Test areas including HIE-Isolde) (General cryogenic services)

4 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 4 Status of present consolidation program Cancelled (CSAP, LSC, LMC) (Saving of 150 kCHF) New CtC estimate: 225 kCHF (saving of 180 kCHF) New CtC estimate: 510 kCHF (Extra cost: 50 kCHF in 2013) To be reconsidered w/r to the probability of massive magnet quenches (> half sector) + on the LHC detector side, the consolidation of compressor stations: Hot spares for a MTTR < 1 day !

5 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 5 Additional proposals for LHC (I) Continuation of the compressor station consolidation (Chamonix’2012 proposal): Present situation: Critical spare available to guarantee a MTTRestore of about 1 week in case of compressor failures at Point 18 and P2. Proposal: MTTR of 1 day possible by adding new compressor skids (6 skids: 3 MCHF + EN-EL, EN-ICE, EN-HE support) Stock availability > % by increasing the spare number (4 new spares: 1.2 MCHF)

6 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 6 Additional proposals for LHC (II) IT cryogenics: Identified as HW limitation before HL-LHC Present limitation following consolidation: Lmax < 1.75 Lnom (considered acceptable at the time) New consolidation to be studied in collaboration with the equipment owner (TE-MSC) for a consolidation work during the LS2  could be an expensive consolidation. (+ EN-MME, EN-HE support)

7 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 7 Additional proposals for LHC (III) Consolidation of the LHe storage during LS During LS1, about 90 t of helium (~2/3 of the LHC inventory) have been send back to the market via “virtual” storage contracts with gas vendors  ~ 0.7 MCHF/LS This helium has to come back at CERN in 2014:  return rate compatible with the LS1 schedule  but could be a limiting factor if higher rates are required for future LS. The possibility to keep a large fraction (~60 tons) of the 90 tons has to be studied: A small second-hand TCF20 liquefier is under procurement to consolidate 30 t of LHe  to be operational for the LS2 (100 kCHF required for installation (EN-EL, EN-HE support) Another liquefier is required to consolidate an additional inventory of 30 t (1.2 MCHF + EN-EL, EN-HE support)

8 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 8 Additional proposals for LHC (IV) Electricity & instrumentation consolidation Deported Siemens electronics for control valves in the tunnel:  only 1 spare crate available for 150 operating units (10 year old)  proposal to increase the spare to ~10 % (300 kCHF).

9 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 9 Additional proposals for AD AD new cryogenic distribution & recovery infrastructure: Present situation: Heavy logistics: up to ~20 dewars (500 l) per week Clients not familiar nor trained with helium transfer (1 recent accident during summer).  Safety (handling and cryogenics) is the concern. In addition, 20 % of the delivered helium is lost (generally 10 %)  200 kCHF of extra losses per year Proposal: Add a new cryogenic distribution and recovery infrastructure  800 kCHF + EN-HE support

10 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 10 Additional proposals for NA (I) NA62 Very old LN2 transfer line without redundancy  loss of Krypton inventory (10 MCHF). Proposal: add a second transfer line and use the old one as redundancy  50 kCHF

11 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 11 Additional proposals for NA (II) Unicos Controls migration Controls of cryogenic infrastructure is based on obsolete hardware (ABB) and SCADA (PCvue, ABB): ATLAS H8 & CMS RD5 NA62 cool-down & warm-up unit (SM18 compressor station, SM18 magnet test station) (B163 and cryolab pumping unit) (CAST) No CERN support: Hotline with ABB (10 kCHF per year) and old spare are existing  up to 1 to 2 weeks of downtime in case of major problems. 650 kCHF needed for the migration to the UNICOS/PVSS controls system (50 to 150 kCHF per infrastructure)

12 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 12 Additional proposals for test areas (I) SM18 infrastructure: Problem with impurities: downtime of 1 week per year for cold box cleaning.  New full flow purifier  1 MCHF Compressor station consolidation: 2 critical compressors (Stal S93 & S73)  3 to 6 months of downtime S93 machine recently available in the present LHC spare S73 machine available following the ATLAS consolidation (but ATLAS property ?)  common ATLAS/SM18 spare with ATLAS priority in case of a low-probable dual need  or new spare procurement (0.3 MCHF)

13 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 13 Additional proposals for test areas (II) HIE Isolde compressor station: HIE Isolde will reuse in 2014 the ex-ALEPH refrigerator. No spare are existing for the two cycle compressors (Aerzen VMY236 and VMY436) i.e. 3 to 9 months of downtime in case of major failure.  Cannibalization of the CAST refrigerator (ex- DELPHI plant identical)  or procurement of two new spares (valid for HIE Isolde and CAST) : 0.4 MCHF  MTTRestore of 1 week.

14 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 14 Additional proposals for general cryogenic services (I) LN2 storage for CERN infrastructure: Present situation: 3 x l (NA, Central liquefier and SM18) rented 20 kCHF each per year, for more than 10 years, i.e. more 600 kCHF already spent. Cost of a storage vessel: 200 kCHF Proposal: Purchase 3 units (600 kCHF + EN-HE support) LN2 storage for CERN experiment: Present situation: 2 x l (Compass and NA61) rented 12 kCHF each per year, for more than 10 years, i.e. more than 240 kCHF already spent. Cost of a storage vessel: 120 kCHF Proposal: Purchase 2 units (240 kCHF + EN-HE suppport)

15 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 15 Additional proposals for general cryogenic services (II) Recovery compressors (Helium, 200 bar) Present situation: 3 compressors 1 Burckhard compressor 400 m3/h very reliable 2 Bauer compressor 100 m3/h requiring heavy corrective maintenance (20 kCHF/year over 5 years) and with low running hours (1500 h/y in average instead of 4000 h/y), i.e. the large Burckhard compressor is running often at reduced capacity to compensate the unavailability of the Bauer machines  Efficiency issue and additional wear (number of stop and go). Proposal: Replace the 2 Bauer compressors by a new Burckhard 200 m3/h  350 kCHF

16 L. Tavian, TE/CRG, Page 16 Summary table Consolidation proposals[kCHF]SupportWhenPriority proposal* LHC - Additional compressor spares1200/asap+++ LHC - Additional compressor skids3000EN-EL, HE, ICE LS2++ LHC - IT cryogenics?EN-MME, HE LS2+++ LHC - LHe storage for Long Shutdown100, 1200EN-EL, HE LS2+++, + LHC - Siemens spares300/asap++ AD - New distribution/recovery infra800EN-HE NA - NA62 LN2 transfer line50/asap++ NA - UNICOS migration350 (+300)/asap++ Test area - SM18 purifier1000/asap+ Test area - SM18 compressor spare0 or 300/asap++ Test area - HIE Isolde compressor spares400/ General services - LN2 storage840EN-HEasap+ General services - Recovery compressor350/asap++ *: According to TE-CRG


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